School and work, the “F. Silvestri” expands its activities on the farm of c / da Momena

Not just studying. The school that works does not forget practical skills. The Agricultural Institute “F. Silvestri” (which is part of the IIS “E. Majorana”) of Corigliano Rossano is, for this reason, expanding its activities on its farm to offer its students new opportunities and new opportunities for learning and training. .

To mark the occasion, an inauguration ceremony was held on Saturday, February 19th, in the real estate of the Agricultural Institute in Contrada Momena. It is a land of 11 hectares that was bought around the seventies by the former province of Cosenza. Introducing the teacher Pina De Martino, the former director Antonio Cumino, prof. Giovanni Mastrangelo, a third-grade student representative followed by teachers Stefania Romanello, Patrizia Romeo and Vittorio Viola, the school collaborators assigned to the farm (CR) O. Comite, R. De Cicco, S. Pettinato, A. Sacco , D Spina, T. Laureati, the representatives of the Coldiretti area with President Antonino Fonsi, the area secretary Alessandro Piluso with his predecessor Gino Vulcano and the spiritual father Don Massimo Alato.

Former teacher Antonio Cumino, who came to the school as a teacher in 1964 and remained there until 1994, recalls the years in which the Agricultural Institute was still in Viale Margherita. Under his management, the farm was established, which at the time of purchase consisted of 100 olive trees, at a distance of 20 meters from each other; between, catch crops. A few operations were started immediately: a peach orchard, a citrus tree were built and the olive tree alternated with young plants. On the north side was built a greenhouse, a rabbit hut (which kept 900 rabbits a year), a pig (with 200 pigs a year) and some chickens. All of the company’s products were sold directly at retail at competitive prices.

Over the years, the lack of funds and economic resources did not allow the maintenance of the activities that were lost over time; For a long time now, even after the will of the manager De Martino, several basic improvement actions have been launched. Recently, the newspaper was restored, about 150 meters, to ensure the safety of the site, which in the past was too often besieged by vandalism. Then the field was planted with a citrus grove of Lane Late Oranges, late blondes, and a rootstock of the Citrange Carrizo, with a sixth of the planting (the geometric arrangement of the plants) of 5 × 5 m interdistances, and was irrigated provided. system. drop. The old varieties that were there were unfortunately destroyed in a big fire in 2016. The arable land was treated for the cultivation of the Bio-Rope. As for the olive groves, some of the old varieties of Dolce di Rossano and Carolea have been revived.

The Professor. Giovanni Mastrangelo is proud of the results achieved and hopes to support all activities at full capacity: “We are investing heavily to improve the land of our organic farm (which owns two plots of land for a total of 18,832 ha), dedicated to fruits and vegetables , Citrus and olive oil, with five greenhouses for fruits and vegetables, ornamental plants and flowers.The aim is to guarantee our students through the School-Work Alternation (PCTO) the opportunity to play their part in the various roles of agriculture 4.0 try to follow with sophisticated drones and software, the professionals in cutting and harvesting practices, in fertilization and irrigation, in this way they learn to avoid waste by calculating the water requirements of the harvest, in advance the emergence of certain plant diseases or to identify the presence of parasites; they will have more control over production costs by planning all phases with saving time and money; they will improve the efficiency of the supply chain, following the entire production process with a short supply chain, which guarantees food of the highest quality in a sustainable way. The first activities start with the children from the third school year, after that we hope to involve the whole school population “said prof. Mastrangelo.

The spiritual father Coldiretti don Massimo Alato gave a solemn blessing to the conspiracy and the people who work there, in the sign of the feelings of greeting and commitment of man, which increase the material and spiritual fertility.

Manager Pina Di Martino is satisfied with the morning: “Today has been a very exciting day, first of all due to the presence of former manager Cumino, who was a cornerstone of the school, and left an indelible mark. Today it served to celebrate the history of our school and to commemorate the main stages, but above all to inaugurate a new course. Landwirtschaftsinstitut „F. Silvestri “plays a key role for the entire Ionian rim, in an area with a strong agricultural vocation. Today, more than ever, it offers adequate training to a society that is increasingly focused on energy sustainability, as evidenced by the parameters of 2030 Agenda, whose 17 sustainable development goals are designed to quickly achieve the ecological transition imposed by climate change, I thank Rossano Coldiretti of Rossano for her presence, who has been working alongside us for many years, her skills for the School growth offers and never leaves us in the battles we lead.Our is a school open to the territory that builds community connections with companies, associations and institutions.Finally, I would like to thank the many friends, former professors, who wanted us to be present today, ”concluded manager De Martino.

The President of the Coldiretti Region, Antonino Fonsi, a former student of the Institute, addressed the present students to send a message of disability and agricultural awareness: “Agriculture has more than ever played a key role in our society: it is not only food. Production, but also protection of the environment and territory. It is our heritage, it is our cultural identity. The quality of the products we help to make must be at the top of the list of purposes of our activities. are: therefore certifications like IGP, DOP and Bio are essential to certify health and connect the productions with the territory to which they belong. He is the one who takes care not only of the bureaucratic part, but above all of the business operation the entire supply chain of the harvest takes care of the production, so that every step is guaranteed. Your school is registered on “Campagna amica”: well, Campagna amica has revolutionized sales by having the producer present when the product falls into the hands of the buyer, and the consumer assures that he knows where he is buying from. . This is your goal: to guarantee a short supply chain and thank the planet and its inhabitants! ”President Fonsi concluded with a great motivation.

In a globalized market where digital transformation is taking over, existing professions are adapting to new needs. Precision agriculture will be able to manage activities according to spatial and temporal variability in order to improve the efficiency and utilization of resources, productivity, quality, profitability and sustainability of agricultural production. The challenges of the future are not frightening when training is given priority. The increase in human capital is what the “F. Silvestri” of Corigliano Rossano.

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