School and work, community orientation was born in Todi

The project is aimed at young people from the latest classes of the technical institutions in the area. “Basic tool for integrating training and work”

Friday, February 18th with training and information meeting “Personality and Opportunities. Schoolchildren as a Balance Between Desire and Reality “which took place in the town hall, the project” Community Orientation “, funded by the municipality of Todi and for school children in the 5th year of the institute, became commercial technician and for surveys Einaudi and Ipsia Angelantoni.

In front of an audience of attentive and motivated children and teachers, after the welcome by Mayor Antonino Ruggiano, the youth and school policy advisers Alessia Marta and the managers Venusia Pascucci, Ferruccio Fiordispini and Luca Morelli of Emergenetics International spoke.Angelantoni of Angelantoni Industry SpA and Alessandro Ricci of innovative start-up 3DIFIC srl and Francesco Berni of UnionCamere.

The aim was to give young people in the last classes of the school schools (Ipsia and the Technical Commercial Institute) a concrete way to get to know themselves by providing a personalized profile on attitudes and preferences expressed in the Social world used for management. by staff. At the same time, the data regarding requests for professional figures in the region were presented to the students by the presentation of the Excelsior system presented by Unioncamere. The latter is particularly accurate and is part of the national statistical system, although it is unfortunately little known.

“Guide in choosing a school – explain the organizers – it is a fundamental tool to promote the adequate education of people, to reduce the leisure time of the school, to foster the enthusiasm between the training offer and the local work demand “.

In this context, collaboration between local institutions, training institutes and companies is a way to enable lasting and significant results and to improve the employment opportunities of young people through the right integration between study paths, the needs of local communities, market demands.

The initiative of the Committee of the Well-being Observatory, which was established in Todi in 2018, with the aim of making this kind of well-being complementary to the traditional one, also sees the creation of a permanent committee for schoolchildren with the same schools, companies and companies. vir. and professionals to ensure continuous activity in this field.

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