School and University: The region relaunches Sicily between the Mediterranean and the Middle East

The Department of Education and Vocational Training of the Sicilian Region, led by Roberto Lagalla, with the support of the research body INDIRE and as part of the 2014-2020 programming of the European Social Fund, organizes the event “Study on Sicily. Education Cooperation in the Mediterranean”, Initiative for the promotion and internationalization of the Sicilian education system towards the Mediterranean and the Middle East.

The meeting, moderated by Alessandra Turrisi of the Press Office of the Sicilian Region, is scheduled tomorrow 22 February from 11 am in Palermo at Pio La Torre Lycée and in connection with the Sciascia Comprehensive Institute of Misterbianco (Catania). The event will also be broadcast live on the social channels of the European Social Fund of the Sicilian Region and INDIRE, and will be translated into French and English at the same time. The aim of the initiative is to initiate and strengthen the opportunities for cooperation between the Sicilian region and the Mediterranean and Middle Eastern countries involved in the first phase of the study in Sicily project: Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria, Jordan in Morocco. In addition, the initiative aims to create a “Mediterranean antenna for education” to create further connections between the systems of individual countries and to strengthen exchanges.

The event takes place in two moments: during the morning there will be an operation session to compare the different educational realities of different countries, with in-depth studies on mobility and cooperation in the academic and academic field, with a focus also on ITS and on ‘high artistic and musical education. In the afternoon, an institutional session will be held, in which ambassadors and representatives of the governments of the countries concerned, the Erasmus + INDIRE National Agency and institutional actors will be involved. At the opening, according to the size of Nicoletta Maria Adelaide LipaniIISS Chief Teacher Pio La Torre of Palermo, e Sabina Maccarrone, Head of the school IC L. Sciascia of Misterbianco, Commissioner Lagalla will present the work. They will therefore intervene Sara Pagliai (Coordinator of the Erasmus + INDIRE National Agency); Fiorangela Troia (USR Sicily); Antonio Valenti (Director General of the Department of Education, University and Law of Studies of the Sicilian Region); Marcello Scalisi (Director of Unimed). For universities, the following will intervene: Antonino Germanà (Unime Vice-Rector); Stefano de Cantis (UniPa); Francesco Priolo (UniCt Rector); Ilaria Frana (Head of the Kore International Relations Office of UniKore En); Umberto De Paola (Director of the Academy of Fine Arts of Palermo).

For ITS: Antonina Sidoti (President of the ITS Albatros Foundation, Messina); Franco Pignataro (ITS Foundation for Information and Communication Technologies Steve Jobs, Messina); Margherita Santangelo (ITS Alessandro Volta, Palermo). The afternoon session will be opened by Councilor Lagalla, who will present the contents of the Memorandum of Understanding. Speaker Flaminio Galli, Director General Erasmus + INDIRE National Agency; Patrizia Valenti, Management Authority of the European Social Fund OP; Davide Scalmani, Italian Cultural Institute in Egypt; Annamaria Poeta, Italian Cultural Institute in Algeria; Valfrido Aghilone, Institute for Italian Culture in Tunisia; Susanna Iacona Salafia, Cultural Officer of the Italian Embassy in Jordan; Marwa Fawzy, Cultural Attaché of the Embassy of the Arab Republic of Egypt in Italy. Councilor Lagalla then launches the content of the project “Antenne del Mediterraneo – An Opportunity for Cooperation”, which is followed by the signing of the Intent Charter between the representatives of the region and the Mediterranean countries.

The budget of the European Social Fund

In the last few days, the annual budget of the European Social Fund has been drawn up. Good practices, the strengthening of institutional capacity and the new perspectives of the new 2021-2027 programming were some of the topics at the center of the annual event of the 2014-2020 ESF OP of the Sicilian region. The session, moderated by Claudia Salvi of FormezPa, was introduced by Paulo Montini from the Directorate-General for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion of the European Commission, who emphasized that “the challenge we are facing is adaptation and definition. of the European Commission’s strategy. 14-20 cycle on the new programming, maximum results achieved in these seven years “. “A six-year period is coming to an end and a new one is opening up. In the field of education and vocational training, the transition is marked by continuity,” said Roberto Lagalla, Regional Councilor for Vocational Training and Education, and by relaunching some fundamental actions: against the poverty of education, the inclusion of students with different competencies. “The principle of subsidiarity was aimed at integrating regional and national interventions. The aim was also to improve the first level of learning, with the result of over 1,700 learning contracts signed in Sicily”.

An assessment of the ’14 -’20 programming was presented by Antonio Scavone, Regional Counselor for Family, Social Policy and Employment. “A great job that has engaged us in recent years – said Scavone – and that has brought flattering results in the socio-labor insertion of issues in criminal execution (over 20 million euros committed), in the training of family assistants ( over 10 Mio. Euro) “. Also pay attention to the world of disability with 25 committed interventions (over 16 million euros), on women victims of violence with the opening of over 50 listeners, tents and secret houses and on the fight against addiction with over 2 million. invested. “The resources of the European Social Fund – he added – were also fundamental to counteract the effects of the pandemic: 390 Sicilian municipalities supported with 30 million, fully calculated, determined for the purchase of the first necessity, for payment of utilities. and at home lease “. The new cycle will increasingly focus on young men and women. “Among the actions that will take place in the next programming – further scavone – attention to the child guarantee (minors growing up in the suburbs of major metropolitan areas) focus on oratories, volunteer centers and shelter for minors, training for operators of Crèche schools (18 million euros) and vis-à-vis issues in a state of fragility (30 million euros), but also new measures such as the exchange of labor, which provide for the integration of labor information systems, social and health services. Involve anti-violence centers for women’s listening and integration, but also with the ‘New Skills’ project with 5 tables set up for a long time for the orientation and qualification of the numbers needed in the labor market .

At the center of the second session, however, the actions of the Sicilian region were implemented, also thanks to the contribution of European resources, for a more effective regulation and better governance of the regional offices and for the modernization and overhaul of the organization and Management. Structures of the Sicilian judicial offices with the intervention of Mariano Sciacca, President of the Bankruptcy and Business Section of the Court of Catania. According to the testimonies of the protagonists of the good practices, notifications and projects of the European Social Fund Sicily, which, in order to count employment and professional growth, provide new training and employment opportunities for Sicilian citizens. Among them those of Costa Cruises’ Chiara Parisi, who underlined how “in 5 years, 77 training courses funded by the European Social Fund had an employment rate of 93% with 1,100 people on board our units: a” successful experience that we will continue to do so in the years to come. ” and Study Law and Marina Azzolina, Beneficiary of a Masters Degree Voucher under Note 27 and the Youth 4.0 Project (Note 42/2021); Filippo Saglimbene, of the ITS Steve Jobs Academy for the ITS System in Sicily; Elena Maddalena of Indire for Erasmus study on Sicily project involving countries on the southern shores of the Mediterranean Sea.To complete the work Patrizia Valenti, Management Authority of n the ESF Sicily OP. “The results achieved in the 14-20 programming are very satisfactory – he said – we have activated innovative actions such as Note 33, which addresses the training to the real needs of companies: it is an experience that we repeat and we want to respond with new calls of this kind in the work of ITS to train the resources they have made. Need deserves great importance, really for the world of work. Inclusion of 93% of students seen through note 33 and the other testimonials tell us that we are on the right track to improve the training and education system and bring young people closer to the world. on this basis – he added – we set up the new programming with careful research on the new professional profiles required based on the priorities of cohesion policy in the NRP and try to f ir each production sector to examine what are the profiles on it. laws. Social inclusion will be central to the new programming, with 30% of the program resources devoted to this topic, as well as higher education, exchange between students at all levels and a closer link between training and the world of work “.

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