School and training for inclusion in the competitive world of work: Reflections by Councilor Leo and the growth of the “Per La Puglia” movement

LECCE – Regional Councilor Sebastiano Leo reflects on the path that has been taken so far, and on the new movement: My powers are actually transversal, they take care of the children from the first years of their lives and pursue them until they Leaving the world of work. Among other things, I was in my second regional mandate with the same powers and unfortunately I fully experienced the horrific experience of the pandemic, which totally overcame the needs of the education and working world. We have Lived years that none of us had ever thought or even imagined far away. Young people are increasingly retreating, evidently an important sign of socially transversal discomfort, which, however, finds itself in the poorest segments as ever the burden of a difficult economic situation. This discomfort was felt strongly in schools and it is for this reason that psychological support workers were born. But it is also for this reason, in addition to the educational poverty and the need to combat and eliminate the spring of school dropout, that my councilor and I have decided to reopen existing projects in our region that are heading in that direction. to enrich with new. Measures., With new visions related to the current youth condition. The soon-to-be-released notification School more, provides important financial commitment, psychological and educational support, guidance and all the same cultural tools., so that her life has no major gaps. We will also continue with measures taken in the context of training, measures for graduates as well as graduates pass with significant changes such as the age limit, in order to achieve a wider range.

The University of Salento is now a major attraction for young students. It is for several reasons, first of all because our university has increased its educational offeringsand with new graduation courses, for an important path in the right to educationand also because it could look through concrete responses to the territory. MedTec it is the current bet of the future, because we will of course see concrete results as soon as we can also provide answers to the shortage of medical staff. Unisalentoit is part of a larger project that is the Puglia University region In the which connects the different universities in our region in the a relationship of the university and urban system in the full right to study and nationality. We talk about sustainability and ever-increasing technological tools, from urban planning to hospitality, which not only favors non-resident students.

And for study paths that are directly related to the world of work.

Tourism is another aspect that has great relevance for the different study paths of our university and the further thanspecialized in an increasingly demanding market. Lecce and Salento are places that are now very popular in tourismJob opportunities, an important economic resource, but which must be structured in a sustainable system, similar to its territory, culture and environment.

The Puglia region has been working for some time to ensure that both schools and Seng and vocational training succeed in identifying more and more avant-garde ways of providing young people with an education and training that they can apply directly to the world of work, but in such a way that they themselves are indispensable and necessary.

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We are experiencing this strange situation where, on the one hand, companies are complaining about the lack of specialized staff, particularly in sectors such as tourism, and on the other hand unemployment rates are high. Of course, we have to find the key to that Abuse and go to work this aspect. Today we do it through the hotel establishments, through the bed which in Puglia represent a true excellence and through specific vocational training.

Young people are definitely far from the world of politicsin a few ways. But to read their behavior well, that is also a way of doing politics, because it is, of course, an expression of their disappointment. Maybe we need to ask ourselves why they are not missing out. While on the one hand nWe do not listen and we cannot bring their needs back into the political worldon the other, c‘ass, most likely, a radical change, by the end of the party schools, a closure of the youth world. The groups that still exist and are active of young people give us good hope, which are a bit of the middle ground that allows us, if listened carefully, to open a dialogue with noGenerations.

We are experiencing these days the electorate in many municipalities that will soon be voting, among the candidates there are certainly not many young people. However, the movement is growing civic “For Puglia”born in March at the regional level, by the union between me and the municipal councilors VizzinoClemente, next to the group leader Tamacco, as a further and important reference of the broad field of “civilism” in the progressive coalition at the national and territorial level, which has already achieved significant success with the elections of many municipal administrators throughout Puglia.

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This movement was reflected in all the communes of the province of Lecce, with a response from many men and women of great skill and civic engagement. A movement well represented even in the city of Lecce itself, a model of political organization admired coordinated of Gabriele Torricelli In the to whom his commitment goes all my thanks. Supported and appreciated by the presence of the President of the City Council of the capital, Charles MignonePresence important policy. A model of which we are inspired because it represents the realization of the project cthe age at which we want to worktoday and in the future “.

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