School and pandemic, the thoughts of Vibonese chief Capria

What is the situation in the school world after two years of the pandemic? Alberto Capria, teacher at Vibo Valentia’s Comprehensive Institute “3 ° Circolo-De Amicis”, expresses his thoughts.

“Everyday school life, agitated by the pandemic – says Capria”, would have been useful in triggering a discussion about our school system. ‘Possibility of “exploiting” the pandemic period for a school renewal that can no longer be issued, not even considered. Training, relational climate. In the beginning, everything was confronted with the fidgety (and nurturing) ‘Everything will be fine’, immediately afterwards only as a logistical emergency, even when necessary: ​​places to find, fixed or mobile benches, walls to raise or tear down “This was another opportunity to lose the opportunity to think about a new school in terms of space, time and education.”

“Our students – he explains – spend their time in the environment, consisting of corridors and classrooms that do not change with the NRP, taking into account the lack of involvement of schools in the planning of school building interventions. , does not fully realize the potential to extend the boundaries of education beyond the physical space of the school; to identify as places and learning environment all the places that allow it to gather experience, capitalize knowledge and skills, connections between school and To create society by interacting with the territory.
The time has come to replace school time with “learning time”, to stop permanently, to take care of standardized assessments – be it national or international; overcoming the flattening of the disciplinary plan in the “hours” of the school day, and in some cases inexplicably “full or long” even in the absence of appropriate environments (theaters, gymnasiums, laboratories, libraries, equipped and free spaces) essential for extending the Stay at school.
It’s time to correct sterile passive behavior, consisting of boring lessons, dozens and dozens of pointless checks and medieval restraints!

There will be handheld – the manager continues – ‘liberate the timetable’, out of the obsession of ‘my lessons in my class’, of the trill that marks the end of the lesson time of that discipline; finally breath for a School autonomy – largely unexplored – in which there is enough time to give substance to the learning / learning relationship.
In teaching and recruitment, the role and function of managers and teachers need to be redesigned. Schoolteachers need to re-establish their priority role as pedagogical leaders with vigor, free from unnecessary daily bureaucratic trap.
Teachers do not have superfluous knowledge: they are first-rate experts – carefully selected, adequately paid – who listen and stimulate students’ thoughts, improve their inclinations and potentials together, limit anachronistic homework and offer approaches appropriate to the multiple intelligences of Gardneriana’s memory.
Teachers who provide students with a horizon of meaning, create everyday spaces for formal, informal and non-formal experiences, are often pushed into the margins of school life; that they send once for all programs and … indexes of textbooks.
It’s not impossible: it would be enough to have an idea of ​​the school, but it’s time to unfold. Avoid cyclical, useless reforms: always announced as … epochal turning points!

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