School and inclusion: Education and creativity in the Caserta area

Erasmus + Program: Delegation of Strasbourg and “Giovanni XXIII” of Recale


The teachers of the Lycée “Marie Curie” in Strasbourg (in France), accompanied by the teacher Madame Andlauer Marie Paule and the teacher of Italian origin, who in France taught Italian Veronique Vecchione, who acted as interpreter and intermediary. the auditorium “Giovanni XXIII” by the high school students who sang the Italian anthem, the French and the Ode to Joy, and by the teacher Giovanni Spalice, who presented the project, which calls for an inclusive and quiet To accompany school education. to promote the educational success of everyone: meet the eyes and enrich the experiences.

The manager gave a brief summary of how the reception of foreign students works in the Italian school system: “These students – he explains – are welcomed directly into the classroom at any time of the school year with students according to their age, except in a few cases. are placed in the classroom with students who are one year younger ”.

A group of French teachers then went to the “Sandro Pertini” complex; the other stayed at “Giovanni XXIII”, where he, after visiting the school environment, went to the classrooms and here met the students from different classes; the students introduced themselves and relived in French the learning practices and experience with their foreign classmates, so that they better understand the Italian language and encourage their inclusion in and out of school.

In “Pertini”, the teachers were received in a festive atmosphere to the notes of “La Marseillaise” and the anthem of Mameli, with great enthusiasm from the children, who then continued with the musical piece “We are the world”. “, Inspired by peace.

While visiting the classrooms, French colleagues were particularly interested in the methods and strategies of the primary school for the inclusion of foreign students. They showed interest in the project “Look with your hands”, in collaboration with Dr. Patrizia Farina, who uses Lego Braille bricks to teach the use of an alternative language. The project, which addresses visually impaired students, through games and manipulations, is also valid for learning the Italian language, a fundamental tool for the effective inclusion of all students.

The school day of the guests ends with a merry choir greeting from the students and teachers from all over the school, to the sound of the song “Ciao-ciao”. The visit of the guests continued with a lunch break with the principal and staff of our school in a Recalese pizzeria to taste some typical culinary products like pizza and pastries. The day concludes with a visit to the Royal Palace of Caserta, the pride of our province.

“This type of exchange – commented Spalice – represents a great opportunity for growth, because it stimulates creativity and gives us the opportunity to get to know different systems.

The synergies that are being created today give us the opportunity, for those who can and want to, to digest what we have begun through other meetings in other countries. It’s the beauty of feeling European and taking advantage of the opportunities that the Erasmus + program offers us. My thanks go to those who have done their best today and in the last days for the full success of the initiative of the school collaborators, to go to the Ata staff and the DSGA, to conclude with all the teachers and teachers , which ensured their cooperation “.

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