School and business: Prosciutto Academy was born in Langhirano

The Parma Ham Academy District will be officially unveiled on Monday, April 4th at 6pm at the Langhirano Cultural Center, via Cesare Battisti 20, which will be built until June 2023.

This is a new Territorial Laboratory for Employment Opportunity (LTO) specific to the Parma Ham sector, to protect the specialized technical skills associated with it, located physically next to the Gadh School of Langhirano, a building owned by the Province of Parma.

It aims to be a meeting place between supply and demand of professional figures, specializing in the ham sector.

In fact, the new structure will not be a simple container of machines, but a real miniature ham factory, in which it will be possible not only to make a “simulative” learning, but also a real and professional training.

The project started from an idea by entrepreneur Carlo Galloni of Fratelli Galloni Spa, then head of the Ham Consultants of the Parma Union of Industrialists; after the participation of the Gadda Institute, in 2021 the agreement for the creation of the High District of the Parma Ham Academy was signed, with the province of Parma as leader and with the accession of Unione Montana Appennino Parma Est, Unione Parma Foothills, municipality of Langhirano, to which other funding entities have been added, including Cariparma Foundation, Parma Ham Consortium, Union of Industrialists, Parma, I’m in it! and Opem Spa.

Unlike other LTOs, it has so far not received funding from the Ministry of Education, but is the result of the economic and planned commitment of the entire supply chain to balance the skills from schooling with those required by companies and institutions involved. , Associations, world of school (provincial school office and the Gadda institutes of Langhirano and Magnaghi-Solari), vocational training and business.

The Province of Parma and the Union Parmense degli Industriali have already involved training centers and employment agencies operating in the region to sign a sub-network agreement, a tool that allows them to coordinate the various subjects and to define guidelines on training activity. carried out within the structure; the agreement will also be the precondition for seizing the opportunities of the National New Skills Plan.


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