Another important step towards an increasingly effective integration between school and the world of work was taken by „G. Alberti “of Benevento. On October 22, 2021, the Order of Chartered Accountants and Accounting Experts of Benevento (ODCEC) approved a memorandum of understanding with the Institute for PCTO projects (former school work alternation) and internships for students in the a second two years later, Alberti signs a new agreement, this time with the Order of the Labor Counselor, which again has as objective PCTO projects through which the parties undertake to share the design of paths that encourage students’ work culture, with mutual exchange activities between the educational institute and the professionals enrolled in order to guarantee young people the acquisition of skills that are in the professional reference areas can be used.

In connection with the above-mentioned PCTO projects, the Institute and the ANACI Association of Benevento signed an agreement on March 18 for the development of a three-year training course for the profession of administrator of the condominium, aimed at third-degree students of the Administration, Finance and Marketing Curriculum.

The training activity, which began in March of the current school year, at the headquarters of the Central Institute and Branch, provides for the development of 60-hour lessons, spread over the three-year period, and the apprenticeships appointed by experts. of the association together with the professors of business administration and law of the AFM address, who pursue the students for them the necessary prerequisites and competencies for the practice of the said profession also necessary in the light of the new regulations.

At the end of the training, the students, after passing the state exams, take a further test that allows them to obtain a license that allows them to practice the profession of condominium administrator.