School: a reform that jeopardizes inclusion

As the FISH has long argued in discussions with the Ministry of Education and Universities, first and second high school teachers in particular have a serious education about pedagogy and general and special learning methodologies for pupils and students with disabilities. This is to avoid continuous delegation of projects to support school inclusion to teachers. For this reason, at the end of last year, the Italian Federation for the Overcoming of Disability also presented a bill, which was adopted by the Undersecretary for Education, Rossano Sasso.

Now the federation itself shows its disappointment according to the news, according to the press sources, after which a new school reform should be approved by the Council of Ministers on April 21, which, as provided for in the National Recovery and Resilience Plan, should definitely come into force this summer .

We are doubly indignant“, Comments President Vincenzo Falabella:”because not only the ministry before the publication of the law decree only met the unions, without having even convened the observatory on the inclusion of the school, that is the body where the main national associations and federations of people with disabilities are present.. But also why, after reading the draft law decree», Fuert Falabella:«we are surprised that only 30 training credits are reserved as compulsory preparation for all current teachers (and not 60) and, without mentioning what is required, by FISH instead, in the bill we have presented. at the end of last year“.

In all cases “we are even more embittered because in this way we are totally violating the UN Convention, which imposes on public authorities the obligation to consult the most representative associations of people with disabilities before they become acts. By continuing the instrument of delegation to teachers to support the school inclusion project, the fifty year history of Italian school inclusion, of which we are so proud, betrays itself at its root.“.

For this reason, the FISH urgently requests thedirect convocation of the Ministerial Observatory, Warning of a reform that risks undermining the foundations of the school inclusion of students and students with disabilities.

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