Scholastic leadership, over 420 individual anti-dropout interviews

The need for new motivation, the suffering of distance and the dissatisfaction with the school are the main reasons that led the students to reorient their way of school. Not the only one, for others the school was too difficult or did not live up to expectations or they had to work short term.

A total of 381 individual interviews of the post-project, Territorial School Orientation Pathways, funded by the Emilia Romagna region, were delivered to middle and high school children at the request of the schools of the provincial territory. Another 45 interviews were conducted by Memorienta, the helpdesk for families, students, teachers, active in the Memo Center of the education sector of the municipality of Modena.

In both cases, these activities are dedicated to reorientation within Post. The individual interview, rather than in a small group or the activity of workshops on transversal skills, was identified as a privileged tool to meet individual needs as well and takes into account the situation associated with the pandemic.

This was stated by Councilor Grazia Baracchi in response to a question on the subject of school dropouts and reorientation from September to December 2021, presented by Elisa Rossini of Fratelli D’Italia-Il Popolo della Famiglia. . The survey recalls how the Invalsi 2021 data “negatively impacted on retaining skills that distance learning was unable to reduce” and took into account the fact that “the loss of skills and learning may increase the phenomenon of distance learning. Cause dispersal schooling. “, He asked about the actions taken under the Provincial Network Treaty to promote and coordinate guidance initiatives for early school exchanges and to promote educational success; on the proposals that are being implemented and the initiative of the municipality, as well as on the tools that have been identified to strengthen the needs and expectations of the young people.

The Regional Scholastic Office Territorial Area of ​​Modena reported that data from the National Registry of Secondary School Students, compared to the surveillance conducted at the beginning of the school year, showed a very small negative discrepancy, on average. According to school reports, there were 69 cases in the 2018-2019 school year, 73 in both 2019-2020 and the following year, according to school reports. while it is only partially (23) the figure for 2021-2022, to be updated at the end of the year.

As for the individual interviews conducted by the operators of the post training bodies, the data is provided by Ial, the lead body, responsible for the implementation of the management operations provided by the project. The councilor states that the talks that have taken place so far have affected about 70% of the inhabitants of the municipality of Modena, while observing that “arguments related to the territory are not significant because the families come from different areas of the province and access to the service (Memorienta Counter or Training Institution) through direct access. % of the children who benefited from the interviews (each duration lasts up to 4 hours) enrolled in the Iefp Vocational Education and Training System.

The counselor stressed that a monitoring action was initiated on these interviews by Unibo, tested by a questionnaire presented to the students by an institute in the province, which concluded that the individual interview is considered more useful than the activity in a small group and that the interviews, considered “useful and satisfactory”, were used by the students to have a greater awareness of the results achieved and for a deep analysis of the study path “.

As for Memorienta, the 78 accesses to the counter led to 45 interviews already conducted and 14 requests for reorientation. The commissioner also highlighted the presence of various requests from parents of children who went to the father in the first years of high school, and for whom it was therefore not possible to change before the second or third year of school.

In addition to the cases of transition from a technician to a professional or to an IeFP path for which other young people meet, there are also factors related to the motivation to study, uncertainty for the future, growth and personal or context changes in the ‘Play comm. “In these situations – said Baracchi – external psychological support is recommended to try to reactivate their resources and find tools that are effective for them in the moment of difficulty.”

In response, Councilor Rossini said he was satisfied with the response, but asked the administration to “keep an eye on the situation”.


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