Scholarship ‘Fondazione Liceo Crespi’

The territory creates a network to support the young students of the ‘Daniele Crespi’ Secondary Education Institute in Busto Arsizio. It is scheduled for Saturday, May 28th.

The territory creates a network to support the young students of the ‘Daniele Crespi’ Secondary Education Institute in Busto Arsizio. The delivery of scholarships is promoted by the Liceo Crespi Foundation, to the associations, professionals, companies, private citizens, students and the Bcc di Busto Garolfo and Buggiate.
31 students are awarded: 22 students who excelled in the third and fourth years in one of the three proposed high school courses (classical, linguistic and human sciences) and 9 new graduates who were admitted to the state examination with a higher average al 7. «Some of these young people had an average higher than or very close to 9. A number that tells us the quality of the young people and the commitment they put into their education. These scholarships serve to support their education with the goal of making people aware, able to read and interpret reality, “recalls Paola Grampa Ceccuzzi, Vice President of the Liceo Crespi Foundation, who co-chaired with the President Lucia Marrese and with the teacher of “Daniele Crespi” Cristina Boracchi, this year once again encouraged scholarships that have a long tradition.

From 2010 until today, the foundation has always worked to support deserving students. In all these years, it has collected from the realities of the territory and distributed to the students of Crespi more than 90 thousand euros, of which only in the last two years almost 24 thousand euros, almost 300 scholarships. “The aim is to help young people with some financial difficulties on their school journey; offer them the opportunity to study, because a school must give everyone the same opportunities, “Grampa continues.

The goal is also to give young excellence value. “There are at least three reasons that make this initiative important,” said Roberto Scazzosi, president of Bcc di Busto Garolfo and Buggiate. “First of all, the emphasis on student engagement, secondly, the ability that this territory demonstrates to be able to network, work together and contribute to its growth; certainly not least the view that is given by these young people, and the future. These are three elements in which our BCC strongly believes “.

The following contribute to the scholarships of the ‘Daniele Crespi’ Secondary Education Institute: Liceo Crespi Foundation, Bcc di Busto Garolfo and Buggiate, La Prealpina, Famiglia Bustocca, Ascom, some Busto Arsizio professionals, the same students and different individuals.


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