Scholarship “Carlo Mazzone Global Teacher Prize”, here is the second edition

The “Carlo Mazzone Global Teacher Prize” scholarship, aimed at Samnite students in the final grades of high school, is in its second edition.

As you may recall, it is an annual cash prize addressed to 10 students who have distinguished themselves in particular in keeping the spirit of the Nobel Prize for Teachers.

Professor Mazzone, as the Top 10 Finalist of the Global Teacher Prize, journalistically known as the Nobel Prize for Teachers, is the international ambassador of this prize and, thanks to the generosity of the winner Ranjitsinh Disale, who shared his prize with the other finalists, he had the Cash availability of $ 55,000 for a period of 10 years.

The scholarship, established by Professor Mazzone, is therefore a prize that the winners can use for any post-diploma training and is intended for students who have distinguished themselves in particular for maintaining the spirit of the Nobel Prize for Teachers who are precise. the importance of education as a hope for the creation of a better world by giving all the children and adolescents of the planet the opportunity to have an education of value.

The selection of candidates takes place with the support of the USR Territorial Area of ​​Benevento by notifying the participating school managers of the participants, identifying, as mentioned, a female student or a student of the last year who is applying in terms of criteria such as his material need for economic support, his ethical behavior and his solidarity with others, his moral dimension but also in relation to a specific episode or situation in which he differed particularly as well as in relation to characteristics of excellence scholastic.

As for the last edition, there will also be an additional eleventh scholarship for this year for a student from the Ceppaloni Quartier, the birthplace of Professor Mazzone, who wants to be a sign of closeness to his own territory.

Elected students will be dedicated in September to a day sponsored by the City of Benevento and the Province of Benevento. Together with a check of 400 euros, students are rewarded with a souvenir parchment with the reasons for the recognition.

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