Scampia, sports to promote inclusion

Can sporting practices combat and contrast the unrest of young people in the suburbs, where school dropout is highest? Could the frequency of recognizable encounters in the area promote more social inclusion? It will be discussed on March 4 during a meeting at the Arci Uisp Scampia football school at 4 p.m. There are Armida Filippelli, Campania Region Vocational Training Counselor, Marilicia Salvia, Journalist, Antonio Piccolo, President of Arci Scampia, Antonio Siciliano, former FIFA agent, parents, boys and girls participating in the sports facility.

Through sport we learn the rules of the game but also of life, the time spent on the football field for instance is one of the ways to get better involved by creating a climate of mutual respect and inclusion among athletes. Because gender discrimination is also eliminated through sport. Is it possible to better understand the difficulties of adolescents who are excluded from school through sports? Can sport act as an interface with parents and school, can it be a deterrent to the choice of deviant paths? What do parents think, what do teachers think? Is it possible to create a virtual alliance between these different actors in order to promote conscious growth and more motivation for the school institution?

The targeted actions of the PISS – Piazze d’Incontro e Sport in Scampia, a project for civic participation in fair play, aim to combat social exclusion through sport and conscious parenting. Confronted with specific critical issues of the youth population, the need arises to identify initiatives that are capable of involving them by making them more aware, persuading them to finish school.

All those involved (families, schools, institutions, associations) must work together on these projects in order to achieve real but above all effective convergence. One of the main associations present in the region is the Arci Scampia Football School, which provides the case study where you can see the potential of its role and the activities it does for the boys and girls of the neighborhood. Day over reviewed and recognized. thirty years.

Over the years, his commitment to the benefit of the weaker groups has been made increasingly consolidated and recognizable in the neighborhood by the commitment of those who work with passion and absolute volunteerism. About 500 children are involved and there are many side activities organized by the Sports Center for Youth and Pre-Youth in the neighborhood. The spirit of the school, as a non-profit organization, is actually to provide young people and parents with an equipped structure and a place where they can not only practice sports, but also grow up healthy, and respect values. that they are taught every day.

The aim is to help young people, also to train and guide them in a difficult context in life and school choices. The sports center is therefore confirmed as a reference point for the neighborhood and for families who are motivated to grow children in sporting environments that are taught not only the rules of the game but also life.

The PISS project is part of the programming of “Interventions to Combat early school leaving, accompanying actions and the Scuola Viva Project”, created with the contribution of the POR Campania ESF 2014-2020.

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