Sandrigo: “Beyond the Field” Project

Sandrigo: “Beyond the Field” Project

The first results of the project “Beyond the field: Ways for a possible inclusion”

The project “Beyond the field: paths for a possible inclusion” has reached its third year of activity, and has produced some concrete results, the result of teamwork of the Por Sandrigo in collaboration with the municipal administration, the local schools, the La Vigna Social Cooperative as well as other partners who have contributed to this experience. The project, funded by the Cariverona Foundation, is designed to achieve the integration of the Sandricensi families of the Sinti ethnic group, thus initiating positive processes that benefit all citizens. Since its launch in January 2020, despite the unexpected events and problems generated by Covid 19, “Oltre il campo” has allowed the signing of an employment contract, the start of two internships, an increase in school attendance for children and those active search for a conventional home. All completed with training courses to spend on the acquisition of skills in the world of work and on legality.

The aim of the “Oltre il campo” is to embark on a long-term process of change, which will lead to overcoming the current situation in which the families of the camp live, but who want to take an active part in the process.
The project is structured and coordinated in four areas of intervention: work, home, school and community. In this way, virtual processes can be initiated, leading to concrete and lasting results. “Beyond the field” has been called by some realities (including the July 21 Association of Rome, to promote change in policy measures that produce exclusion and marginalization) as an innovative model of intervention at the national level, because it does not exist are similar experiences.

As far as housing is concerned, support for families wishing to leave Camp Via Galvani has been initiated through participation in the tender and negotiations with private individuals: 7 out of 12 families find it essential to improve the housing context z ‘change. to emancipate.

As for the work, two internships have started: one at the Il Cengio Social Cooperative in Isola Vicentino and the other at Ipab La Pieve di Breganze. The first, which lasted one year, led to the hiring of the person concerned. The internship was used to, in addition to specific skills, learn the prerequisites necessary to gain access to the world of work. The person concerned said he would be happy with the path he has taken and hopes to succeed with this work. In addition to feeling useful, she developed good relationships with colleagues that she felt valued. A second person was involved in an internship at the Ipab Laundromat in Breganze: this experience also took place regularly and to the satisfaction of the lady concerned as well as of the Welcome Institute. These activities, flanked by a number of trainings conducted by professionals in the sector, pave the way for an effective job search to make families economically autonomous. In recent months, a practical course has also been organized for a group of young people who could learn the secrets of trading from a house painter. Students were able to apply the skills learned by painting the rooms of Por Sandrigo. Another project that continues to see both Sinti residents and via Galvani as protagonists is the collaboration with the municipality for the care of public green spaces: This activity offers an excellent opportunity to learn specific skills and also the service to stimulate one’s own. the territory as it happened with the participation in the ecological days that also some children of the camp actively saw.

Moreover, for the first time, thanks to the work of an educator from Oltre il campo, a boy was offered the opportunity to participate in the project “Am I fighting?” Together with colleagues from the country: this was a positive experience of the inclusion that made the boy and his whole family proud.

The last months have been particularly difficult in schools due to the health emergency and all the limitations that it has brought with it. However, the Beyond the Field project has made it possible to overcome many critical situations, to support teachers, children and families by supporting and increasing the school attendance of middle and high school children. The intervention of three days a week by an educator and cultural mediator made it possible to better integrate the Sinti students in the pedagogical way, who participate with more enthusiasm in didactic activities. In addition, efforts were made in the fall-winter period to help children pursue distance education, providing them with assistance and support. Another positive experience in the school environment, not taken for granted, was the placement of a child in preschool: this step allows him to learn some prerequisites that will surely facilitate his introduction to compulsory school.

These results allow the foundations to be laid in future positive paths.

One of the boys in the training class as an imbiachino Oltre il campo Sandrigo
A boy engaged in a maintenance activity Beyond Campo Sandrigo
The internship that led to the hiring Oltre il Campo Sandrigo

On the cover: Three of the youngsters who took part in the ecological day Oltre il campo Sandrigo

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