San Giovanni Rotondo, the new council was established in the Palazzo di Città

“Sometimes it can happen, in the middle of a game, that the strategy is transformed, new players are put on the field, a synergy of action arises with the sole aim of doing good,” he begins. Mayor Michele Crisetti in a video posted on his social channels announcing the composition of the new city council, following the resignation of three of the five councilors.

The first citizen will be responsible for tourism, major events and strategic projects, local police, civil protection, animal protection.

The sheriff will always be there Mariapia Patriziowith delegations for social policy, housing and social policy, volunteering and associations, relations with public and private entities, employment and training policy.

Confirm Pasquale Chindamo which is responsible for public works, urban furniture and decoration, technological innovations, energy efficiency and energy policy, sports and sports facilities, urban regeneration.

They go to council Angela Barbano (Delegations for town planning, housing and public construction, toponymy, culture, entertainment, education, school services and school construction, process, agriculture, community policy), Joseph Siena (Budget and economic planning, taxation, production activities and one-stop shop, trade, personnel, state real estate and public use, transport, roads and parking) and Matteo Masciale (Environment, urban hygiene, landscape, heritage, cemetery, public landscaping, land use, soil defense and hydrogeological risk reduction, rainwater collection).

“To this day, we have two and a half years of administration ahead of us, in order to make the best use of it, to implement what has been planned so far, and to finally solve the important problems of the territory that plagued our city for many years. , ”He explained to the mayor, who did not miss to thank him issued City Councilor Tommaso Dimartino, Antonella Tenace In the Antonio Cafarofor work and commitment, a desire too new councilor Giuseppina Scarano who takes over from Matteo Masciale.

“I am confident that this new team will work very well, providing their skills, quality and professionalism to the city for the second half of our term,” Crisetti concluded.


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