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AVIGLIANA – 12 no Offset Operators freshly qualified ready in the world of work and the House of Charity Arts and Crafts of Avigliana. The training year for the 2022 edition of the course ended a few days ago Sales Service Operator from the center of Avigliana of the Foundation of the House of Charity Arts and Crafts. Two-year course the qualified 12 boys and girls now ready to enter the world of work, enhanced by the skills gained during the theoretical and laboratory lessons in the classroom and during the internship experience in a company.


A way that allows the introduction of qualified students in the commercial sector as a sales assistant, able to pursue a commercial process in all its phases: from the organization of the business, to the flow of goods in stock, from customer assistance during purchase and after sale, to the execution of basic tax, administrative and accounting obligations. A versatile figure needed by small, medium and large retailers and from all workplaces that require contact and customer assistance.


During the two-year course, In addition to developing and deepening basic cultural skills in Italian and foreign languages, mathematics, science and information technology, history and law, citizenship skills, student approach topics related to the world of sales and commerce: quality, safety and hygiene, elements of marketing , Point of sale organization, logistics, administrative and fiscal techniques, sales techniques. The teaching methodology, typical of vocational training, supports the theoretical lessons a full-bodied Laboratory Deelwith the help of the equipped rooms of the computer labs and the sales lab, where the process of setting up, packaging, greeting and helping customers is simulated.


The course takes place at Day Hoursfrom Monday to Friday, in the Multipurpose Complex “De Fabrica“of Avigliana, and via IV Novembre, a few minutes from the train station. During these summer weeks, the new E-Class will be established Registration is open for those interested in reorienting their school choice, choosing a path that will allow them to obtain a qualification in two years and to get in touch with the world of work, through the final stages in the company. At the end of the course, the training center continues to follow the students through its counter Services at work, which combines supply and demand. Once the qualification is obtained, it is possible for interested parties to continue their studies at a high-level commercial institute within the last two years in order to obtain a high school diploma. Information and registration an de De Fabrica Monday to Friday or to contacts 0119327490,


In view of the connection between training and the workplace, which Foundation of the House of Charity Arts and Crafts has strategically decided to unify the management of the office SAL, Labor Services, by Avigliana with that of Giaveno. A way to use all the opportunities of the territories of the two valleys of Susa and Sangone, side by side and interdependent. During this period, moreover, the counter SAL of Avigliana has activated a collaboration with Employment Center of Susa Provide training opportunities for beneficiaries Basic Income. The SAL branch in Avigliana ass an Corso Torino, 154 (Tel. 011 19660250), is open on Mondays from 8.30 am to 2.30 pm; Wednesdays from 8.30 am to 12.30 pm and Fridays from 8.30 am to 2.30 pm or, by appointment, Wednesdays from 1 pm to 5 pm closed: Tuesday and Thursday. Here, anyone can find competent and professional support when looking for work. Through the regional calls for an active policy aimed at young people, the unemployed and the disabled, it is possible to activate internships in the company. The advantage for companies is the opportunity to get to know and evaluate interns in the field, and to gain concrete economic benefits. On the Site You can find out in detail the activities of the various offices, contact details and useful information. Follow the page Facebook an Profil Instagram to stay up to date.

House of Charity Arts and Crafts Foundation, Center of Avigliana – Via IV Novembre, 19. Avigliana – Tel .. 011 9327490 – Fax 011 9342821 – E-Mail:

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