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We must condemn with grief the gross ignorance of history that is now permeating our society. A phenomenon that has developed since the late sixties of the last century, as in school education and even in the university the old historical-humanist structure was gradually replaced by the exclusive prevalence of the technological and economic.

All this has led to a progressive loss of perception of the past, forgetting the universe of values, which still remains a “historical universe”.

This lack of knowledge about history teaching, on the one hand, flattened out, on the one hand, any analysis of current events, and led to the emergence and legitimacy of the “politically correct”.

This materialized in the growing ideology of “legalization”, which with increasing force also allowed in our daily life the spread of ever new (and sometimes useless) rules, which shortened the space of tradition, they all made sense have withdrawn. and worth the weight of the “first”.

The obvious result is that every behavior or desire or lifestyle of every individual has finally been seen as a “right” and protected as such, completely excluded from consideration of “duties”, that is, the ones that everyone must assume. social context.

In essence, the historical memory of the origin of the state collectivity and of the rules that required it has been lost (an interesting reflection in this sense can be read in the beautiful book by Natalino Irti, “Travel under obedience “, published by “La nave di Teseo”).

Come to this day, it is really ridiculous that Western public opinion and its rulers believe that the sanctions imposed against Putin’s Russia are really a deterrent to the targets for the perimeter of the old Soviet bloc again. build up.

To think that the ban on Russian oligarchs and their families shopping in London and Rome or sunbathing in Saint-Tropez in Sardinia could remain a deterrent, shows the drama of unpreparedness and improvisation, vis-à-vis one Event that has been going on since 2014 with the invasion and annexation of Crimea could be considered safe, if not highly probable. Clearly, the other sanctions imposed or threatened by Western governments will also be doomed to failure.

Let the father of all Russia, with historical arguments without basis (just think of the millions of deaths that were caused by Stalin in Ukraine in the 30s and 40s of last century), annex Ukraine de facto, even with the Installation of a puppet government, not elected by the people, following the model of Lukashenko in Belarus, and not responding promptly, means acknowledging the blatant defeat of the liberal democracies.

What happens in these dramatic days, in which one, like a mantra, repeats this “You can not die for Ukraine”recalls what happened in 1940 with the invasion of Poland by Adolf Hitter, who put the same argument used by Putin today as the basis of his action (in one with Stalin’s generals), namely that Poland historically belonged to Germany .

This invasion then led to the outbreak of World War II. The omniscient attitude of the West, and of the United States, now weakened by the presence of an old and unresponsive president, opens the way for future invasions of the Baltic republics (Latvia and Estonia), as well as the authorization of Chinese Xi -Jinping to find an excuse to invade Taiwan (to complete a plan to weaken the West, which has already been implemented with the blatant spread of the Covid-19 pandemic).

Thinking that Kiev will, with the resistance of its inhabitants, become a new Stalingrad, shows the obvious sign of the moral and military collapse of the West.

For decades, Western democracies have left the field to defend their own binding principles (including the sovereignty of each state), ending the decadence of morals and customs that Putin sees as the source of justification for growing military interventions.

It’s time for a real examination of conscience, but that must necessarily involve the adoption of truly ‘tough’ measures that give a sense of response to the growing threat posed by Vald il Pazzo, which will definitively mask the injury. of the most basic principles of international law.

Giuseppe Fauceglia


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