Salaries for teachers, it is a salary emergency. What is 2013 Snapshot Freeze

In the live broadcast of the Living school technique yesterday, February 23, the vast majority of user comments raised the question of the Freezing the seniority step in 2013 that many teachers today ask recover for the purpose of salary progression.

Remember that you Block of the year 2013 for the purpose of career advancement is a disposition data back on Berlusconi-Tremonti Government for reasons of cost.


What the standard offers

The collaborator of technology at the Salvatore Pappalardo School explains: The law provides that of all the services that have been taken up before the role, only the first 4 years are fully recognized with the addition of 2/3 of the remaining service (eg to a teacher providing 8 years of service outside the role in the development of his career he was recognized for 6 years and 8 months service). In this regard, it must be said that the unions have appealed for the entire service to be recognized from the role..

Contract block and reconstruction. Legislative Decree 98 of 2011

Decree Law 98 of 2011, and laying down the rules for financial stabilization to find the funds for the recruitment of a large number of precarious workers, severely punished the school world, which saw its power to dictate .Buy not only with the blocking of the contract, but also with the blocking of the school years 2011, 2012 and 2013 in the career reconstruction and thus the delay in the transfer of one salary to the other.

Partial recognition

In the following years, by trade unionists, only the school years 2011 and 2012 were recognized, while inexplicably 2013 has not yet been validated to datedespite petitions and requests of various kindsconcludes our school law expert.

Salary emergency

A question that addresses the whole salary structure of the teaching class, with respect to which the readers of the School of Technology speak of real Loun Emergency.

A theme that also during the live broadcast of former Minister of Education Valeria Fedeli, who, as already mentioned, stated: “I think that this profession should be highly paid. The quality of entry training must be commensurate with a higher quality of remuneration, as this is part of the investment. The school lives by the professional value of the teachers and all the school staff “.

“If the Treasury Department does not allocate resources to schools – the senator argues – there will be a clear underestimation of the value of the school to the country.”

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