said Minister Gelmini to the administrators of Granda –

Hundreds of administrators of the Granda in Cussanio, a Weiler Fossano, for the meeting on the PNRR, the National Recovery and Resilience Plan, a unique opportunity for the territory and the country.

The restart means digital, ecological transition, school construction, roads and transportation, environment, tourism, citizens, sports, infrastructures and much more. But the money, much of it, must be fully utilized in the times imposed by Europe.

How and what can mayors do to orient themselves, prepare and write appeals and projects, often without having dedicated and competent staff?

She talked about it Maria Stella GelminiMinister of Regional Affairs, in a moment of meeting and confrontation with the territory organized by the circle of Fossano di Forza Italia, led by Giacomo Pellegrinoand by the Vice-President of the Regional Council Franco Graglia. The President of Piedmont spoke to the Minister Alberto Ciriothe honor Claudia Porchietto (Adviser to the Minister), Senator Marco Perosino, Franco Graglia and the Director of the Ministry Michele Palma.

The Minister stressed that it is a ministerial task force that is ready to support the municipalities and answer the questions and doubts of the administrators and officials. All notices are available on the Ministry’s own website, under the heading PNRR. “Do not let this empty call go. Come forward, present your projects. We must show that we know how to keep our commitments, Europe asks us to respect the deadline. If we are good, we can ask for more. We have already allocated enormous resources for health, for territorial medicine, town halls and electronic health insurance.We will work on the ecological transition, if we have to reopen some coal plants in this phase, then we will do that because the priority is to save businesses.But this transition will be the future, also for companies, to be invested in training, in particular in specialized technical universities: We have 1.5 billion euros for this reform, which is already in the Chamber. That is a train , which we can not miss.Availability is limited, but the money is there and must be used: no fear, ask for and present projects, put them on your territory.The Ministries press and as much as possible Re take resources home “, he said the large audience present address.

Gelmini also responded to what is currently the main priority for the government: the price list. “If work cost a million and now 1.2 million, how can I do that?”

The Minister reassured: “The government does not live on Mars. We know very well what the situation is. We are looking for resources. We currently have a coverage of 350 million, but we have estimated that we need a billion. A whole supply chain.”

It is awaiting the intervention of Dr Michele Palma, Ministerial Officer, who has given the present mayors and administrators various practical indications. Palma invited the mayors to present as many projects as possible. By the month of July, the available calls are ready, many are already closed, but the challenge is important, for all municipalities, large or small.

Governor Cirio also reiterated the need not to waste this great opportunity: “In this very important game, the winner is the one who is informed earlier and better and better designs and builds projects. It is a job that you have to do through the tools that we provide to you. We are here for you “but also because in a few years’ time we want to tell everyone else that our existence in the public service, at all levels, has served a purpose.”.

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