Safety at work: School subject? –

The Secretary General of theGeneral Union of Labor (UGL), Armando Valiani he declared, following a series of accidents at work in the Lazio regionthat occupational safety should be a subject introduced from primary school.


Deaths at work continue to harm our country.

But I hope not to become optimistic when I finally recognize the first sessions of a debate on the specific actions needed to concretely guarantee the protection of health and dignity in the workplace.

We need an organic, systematic reform that is not limited to touching on this or that formal or bureaucratic profile.

The experience of the law no. 215/2021 of the conversion of the tax decree should our attention.

Individual standards may perhaps potentially promising indications offer, but finally and unwanted contexts dive and effectively the desired innovative batch distribution.“.

It is difficult for a person who already has work experience behind him to change the habits he has been making every day over the years.

The synergies that have emerged in recent months between UGL Lazio and ALIS seek to pursue common paths that provide solutions to the phenomenon of accidents at work and guarantee greater safety in the workplace, including through specific and innovative training.

It is necessary to first change the current culture, to approach a new mentality. Start this training process already in schools where it would be necessary to study safety at work as a real school subject like everyone else.

A subject that is already beginning in the school forests, training and structuring the children, students, of today, but the future workers, entrepreneurs, employers are and will be..


There are several points highlighted throughoutGeneral Union of Labor:

– appoint competent doctors only for the obligatory health surveillance cases, and therefore not prohibited by the article. 5 Workers status, completely listed in Art. 41, Section 1 of the Decree. N. 81/2008, with the paradoxical and contradictory result to avoid the collaboration of a valuable expert such as the MC, the employer and the RSPP, above all, but not only, if the risk assessment, if it proves, still a Risk identified that involves the health obligation. Surveillance;

– large companies that are not relieved of responsibility for jobs that fall into their production cycle and are exported to small companies that are not under control.

Regional Secretary Armando Valiani will send these proposals in the next few days which will be a matter of discussion with the Adviser on Labor and New Rights, Training, School, Policy for Reconstruction Claudio Di Bernardino.

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