Safety at Work, Provincial Inail Advisory Committee of Palermo: Stop Deaths at Work!

“The issue of workers’ health and safety, even in the light of the dramatic data on accidents and casualties at work, deserves exceptional attention and effort. INFORMATION – TRAINING – COLLABORATION are the keywords of the programmatic lines provided by Provincial Advisory Committee (Co.Co.Pro.) Approved by Inail of Palermo.

Following a process of sharing with the categories and associations expressed in the committee, we appeal with this open letter to all institutions, companies, male and female workers, to help improve the awareness of employers that security investing no cost but an essential component is characterized the business activity, and for the workers a prerequisite that can never be compromised.

This is what the chairman of the Provincial Advisory Committee expects in an open letter to all the institutions of the regional capital, Gaspare Caldarella.

The social alarm dictated by the recovery from fatal injuries and eventually the unanimous discouragement and emotions for the death of the very young 18 year old student Lorenzo Parelli, during the last day of school-work diversion – the President adds in the letter – make a change of pace that is obviously and concretely necessary and urgent.

Therefore, we propose a common path that matures the perception of the value of safety at work as a person’s right and not just an obligation. The cultural path of change can and must start from school, a priority place where prevention is taught and implemented.

We propose that school principals, from the next school year 2022/2023 onwards, give school safety at work a school subject, so that schools, through the education and training of tomorrow’s workers, the importance of education as essential Increase component of nationality.

We propose companies to rethink the operational methods of training, which should not be underlined in the bureaucratic fulfillment of regulatory obligations, but should be understood as an integral and strictly connected part of the work. It does not affect the reduction of accidents at work by decree, but through the promotion of a serious education. We offer an exceptional training campaign that is traceable and certified.

We offer institutions to assist companies, businesses and workers in the application of risk assessment and management activities and the adoption of safety measures. It is necessary to implement controls, to accompany them with measures that consist not only in the implementation of sanctions, but also contribute to the adoption of operational prevention systems. We propose the creation of a database of risk assessment documents to launch a direct way to take into account the quality of these documents. The analysis of the methods for the occurrence of accidents shows us that most of them would have been avoidable if the risk had been properly highlighted and contrasted with the adoption of appropriate assessment and mitigation measures. We can no longer limit ourselves to considering the ownership of the Risk Assessment Document sufficiently, but an interinstitutional and participatory process must be activated, the role of representatives for security workers strengthened and aimed at guaranteeing and certifying a minimum standardized quality level .

We propose institutions to help small and medium-sized enterprises that represent the majority of the entrepreneurial spirit of our country, moreover, in great economic difficulties during this period, not relying on new technologies for security and using all the available tools (financing, tenders, incentives) “.

“Remember the words of the President of the Republic of Mattarella – Caldarella concludes that”a modern country is also measured by the ability to create and maintain a safe working environment and that dying at work, becoming ill for a professional reason or being disabled or missing after a work accident is unacceptable in an advanced industrial context.we hope that the proposals of this open letter do not remain on paper, but initiate a constructive, serious and participatory discussion. “

“We appreciate the open letter to the institutions in terms of content and intentions strongly desired by the Provincial Consultative Committee of Inail of Palermo – they plead Filippo Virzì and Raffaele Loddo Members of the INAIL Provincial Advisory Committee of Palermo – we consider it a useful act to raise awareness everywhere to raise awareness of the sad phenomenon of white deaths in order to find workable solutions to implement serious safety planning in the workplace “.

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