Safety and Work, Norcia, Accident Victim Monument inaugurated

Safety and work, Meeting in Norcia, Inauguration of the restoration of the monument to the victims of accidents

A day dedicated to safety at work was organized this morning in Norcia, organized by INAIL Umbria and in collaboration with the Cesf (Bilateral Construction Agency of Perugia), the College of Surveyors of Perugia, Anmil Umbria, the Municipality of Norcia, the Province of Perugia and the “Gasperi-Bataglia” All-Inclusive Institute. Also the Umbria region, the Extraordinary Commissioner for the Reconstruction of the 2016 earthquake, the national format, as well as the topics of which the CSF is a direct expression, subsequently join the project.

“Today we have faced very important issues, particularly for our city, in the presence of the students who represent our future and it is particularly significant that we are talking about the safety of Norcia, an open-air construction site where the reconstruction after the earthquake “We have to make sure that everyone, companies, workers and institutions, all working environments are safe: that is the goal, for us to be committed.” In this context, training should not be an obligation, but an opportunity to improve skills and awareness while reducing the risk of accidents at work, “he said.

It was inaugurated last February the construction site school at The Gasperi-Bataglia di Norcia Omnicomprensivo Institute, as part of a joint public-private synergy, to provide technical training for future survey students and young workers in the construction sector. The whole project is based on the premise that the safety of the building sites also arises from a correct and appropriate planning, which must be developed from the school days onwards.

“The school is a privileged place to talk about safety, both because it is a workplace and because it trains children,” said teacher Rosella Tonti. “Alone you can not go anywhere and I thank all the institutions, the public, the private, the social and everyone who, with their own competencies, have laid the foundations for reference points and craft tools so that through principles and duties the issue of security is part of our everyday life, ”he concludes.

The restoration of the monument was also inaugurated this morning “A safety net” created by Massimo Arzilli, in the presence of, among others, Director Alessandra Ligi and National President Anmil Zoello Forbi and students of the CAT of Norcia. The monument is made of iron and represents – explains the author – “the steps of human life, of work, security and therefore life”.

De Moien, in the playschool was the show “The theater saves lives” by and with Stefano Di Maio and in the afternoon a participatory moment of studies and training on safety and accident prevention in the construction sector and on the reconstruction of the territory, through a conference on Representatives of institutions and categories of professionals and professionals, with recognition of professional training credits.

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