Rosolen, on training classes constant evaluation of criticism

Trieste, 30 Mar – “Although competence in the education of school classes is a function of the state, which is exercised by the regional school offices, we have been monitoring the situation for the next school year since the completion of the pre-enrollments. , Meetings were organized.with the managers of the territorial offices of Pordenone, Gorizia and Udine and with the mayors and school managers of the areas presenting critical topics, to jointly examine the enrollment data and identify possible solutions “.

Education Councilwoman Alessia Rosolen answered two questions in the City Council today that address these questions.

“There are many situations that require careful evaluation, and they do not only concern mountain areas. So it is our intention – confirms Rosolen – to continue in the coming months the path that has already been taken in addition to local administrators, including the condition of buildings to facilitate the identification of common and coherent solutions with the planning of public works “.

“We are already taking all possible actions to protect students, families, workers and communities, but in the awareness, however,” Rosolen added, “that the expected demographic decline will impose decisions in the next five years.”

“It should not be forgotten – emphasizes the exponent of the Giunta – that both the guidelines for the dimension of the school network and the planning of the education offer of Friuli Venezia Giulia for the school year 2023-2024 will be updated, for all the Exceptions possible in accordance with current state legislation “.

In his speech, Commissioner Rosolen recalled that in the bill implementing Title V on non-university education, approved by the Joint Commission and currently being reviewed by the relevant ministries, in accordance with the Constitution and the current regulations , the functions concerning the non-university. Training in connection with the planning of the training offer and the network of the school system should be attributed to the region.

“These functions, and on the basis of an agreement in advance with the state – explains Rosolen – would include the tasks and functions regarding the criteria and parameters for the organization of the school network and the task to the school and educational institutions of the “organic”.

“The acquisition of this autonomy therefore seems to be the best or perhaps the only channel to disrupt some critical issues and to provide efficient and effective services throughout the region, to protect – the Commissioner concluded – the specific nature of small communities engaged in training “. . ARC / TOF / ma

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