Rose Garden. The course “Introduction to Digital Technologies and Services” begins. Interview with Vincenzo Casolani, Vice President of Environmental Protection


(wn24) -Roseto – Registration for the course of “Introduction to digital technologies and services“, Third cycle of meetings provided by the project” Fragility and digital inclusion in the time of Covid19 “. Organized by volunteers of the environmental association Roseto degli Abruzzi and co-funded by the Abruzzo region and the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy. Based on experience, collected during the period of maximum contagion of Covid19, the GA Association developed this ambitious project, which involved a large number of citizens of Roseto and neighboring municipalities. to the public administration ‘services to obtain their own digital identity.
But despite the fact that most of the participants had a high school education, it was necessary to learn the basics of digital technologies, the modes of operation of computers and smartphones, the understanding and use of operating systems (especially Windows 10). and Android), the proper use of browsers and search engines to properly manage apps and documents within their devices.

The main objective of the project is to make participants, of all ages, digitally independent, able to access any telematic service of the public administration and not, online banking services or post offices, digital payment systems (see PagoPA) etc. Vincenzo Casolani, Vice President of the Association told us that “at the end of the project, the acquired knowledge can be such that it is transferred in personal contexts. The ultimate goal is to develop transversal skills, which is a very flexible personal training, oriented towards problem solving, constant growth and improvement and endurance. For these reasons, the initiative can be replicated through various subjects, even after the completion of the project, to limit a proper training course for the autonomy of people more or less in digital knowledge. The most interesting aspect is that through this project we create a personalized access method to the “digital transition”, over which flow of words has been written but very little has been done from a concrete point of view. In this context, in addition to the time and the weapons provided by the community, our association has also set up a support project for “digital inclusion”, which is primarily aimed at the weakest groups.

Today, the environmental protection association, together with the project partners and the signed collaborations, has men with specific competencies in terms of training support in the use of digital tools. Cultural and environmental education, as required by our statute, is one of the cornerstones of our solidarity volunteering. We have in the past organized dozens of courses on legal-environmental issues, on fauna, on pets, on river ecosystems, on fisheries, on mycology and on environmental protection, which have represented the priority topics of the environmental protection association that have done it. possible to obtain from the Abruzzo region the qualification of CEA (Environmental Training Center of Regional Importance).

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