Rosarno, the 4.0 laboratory of sustainable fashion is coming

To give life to a 4.0 laboratory of sustainable fashion, starting from the laboratory experience lived with the students of the high school “Piria” in Rosarno – supported by the teacher Mariarosaria Russo and the reference professor Eleonora Contartese, for young Calabria the opportunity a to develop new professional ideas on the spot.

This is the goal of the training project, which was approved by Uiltec Calabria, led by Secretary General Vincenzo Celi, who was promptly adopted and supported with great commitment by the school “Piria di Rosarno”, which was presented in the classroom Magna of the school. the presence of Uiltec’s Assistant Secretary General, Daniela Piras; the Extraordinary Commission of the Municipality of Rosarno; by the Secretary General of Uil Calabria, Santo Biondo and by the Regional Secretary of Uiltec Calabria, Annarita Mancuso, creator of the project.

The training project focuses on the economy circular to stimulate the human and professional growth of female students from Reggio, with the aim of transforming a school laboratory into a concrete work opportunity.

A furrow on which the women and men of Uiltec Calabria, and the Piria Institute of Rosarno for a time, are moving, convinced that change can also happen through the revaluation of our traditions, of our resources: of greens, of the Environment that surrounds us. Like that of the broom, one of the historical cultures of Calabria, a spontaneous plant called “the gold of the Mediterranean”.

Based on the circular concept of the economy is the concept of sustainable fashion, which actually leads to a revaluation of the production traditions of different countries, and sensitizes the arts and resources that each country can offer.

Of course, the rediscovery of traditional and artisanal productions does not happen unless the latter are transformed and improved by a process of technological innovation. Exactly blue, a color that brings together all digital technologies, down to apps and artificial intelligence.

We chose to combine pink with these two colors to convey a positive message to Goal 5: Gender equality and self-determination for all women and girls. In particular, the young Calabrian generations have the opportunity to offer their own opportunities for employment and economic and social growth locally.

Therefore, we are convinced that policies need to support these training processes and support the multiplication of these laboratory experiences. For a region that wants to restart, that wants to leave behind the economic and social crisis exacerbated by the Covid-19 pandemic, green chemistry, the recovery of waste and waste from industrial processes to transform it into energy, the improvement of local production, handicrafts and textiles, with the richness of their historical and cultural depot, must be the main path of economic and social recovery.


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