Rosarno: Carabinieri meet students of IC “Marvasi-Vizzone”

The Carabinieri of the Gioia Tauro Company held a meeting for middle school students of the “Marvasi-Vizzone” State Comprehensive Institute of Rosarno, organized in concert with the School Management of the Institute to deal with issues of legality.

Yesterday afternoon, the carabinieri of the company of Gioia Tauro held a meeting for middle school students of the “Marvasi-Vizzone” State Comprehensive Institute of Rosarno, organized in concert with the school management of the institute to assess the issues of legality. As part of the campaign for the formation of the culture of legality, a project of the Carabinieri at national level, a meeting was held at the Rosarno Institute between the Carabinieri and about sixty students and teachers of four fifth-graders. the primary school, organized with the close cooperation of the school referent, Professor Simona Monteleone. Topics that were also launched in other projects at the institute, such as the “Safer Internet Day” and the “Together for a better Internet”, concern the phenomenon of bullying and cyberbullying.

Among the speakers of the ARMA intervened, including the commander of the local Tenenza Carabinieri of Rosarno, Lieutenant Vincenzo Acampora and the school director Giuseppe ENURNEA, who together with other representatives of the local Meritorious defined the two phenomena by analysis, with the living. Participation of the young audience, concrete cases taken as an example. For this occasion, the Carabinieri interacted with the students who actively participated in the meeting, with a range of interventions that, even if they come from young students, made it possible to emphasize how much the topic is felt and as adults should listen to the young, who very often, free from external condition, have a clear solution to problems, based their beliefs on the purity of their soul.

During the meeting, there was the opportunity to develop repeated awareness to identify an episode of bullying and to understand what can really be done after such identification. After a great moment, where the young students, in defining the phenomenon together with the Arma military, “fished” some small thoughts from a few years, and then tackled the problem of cyberbullying, which, although it is associated with bullying , and point differentiated. of the greater pervasiveness of violence, which transcends the space-time boundaries of the real world, through the possibility of maintaining anonymity at least initially, as well as the narrow ethical hesitations that characterize this characteristic and the same relationship in the Contradiction creates a direct relationship. between victims and attackers. Also on this topic, the interest of the students and the teaching staff was maximal and participated with questions full of curiosity and passion, ranging from the critical topics that navigation can present in digital places, to what institutional channels for the case of a cyberbullying activating episode.

The session concluded with the post on the next school year for a series of meetings between the local gun and the school, the significant interest of the public, confirming itself as a moment of fundamental importance for the formation of the legality culture. Today’s activity, like other similar projects organized in schools of all types and levels in the Reggio province, is also part of the training and development initiatives for the culture of legality, in which the soldiers of the ARMA and the teaching staff of the various educational institutes of the Simple, actors who, with their daily commitment, strengthen the sense of closeness between the Carabinieri, the educational institute and above all the young people.

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