Rome, Ukrainian boys and girls and baby-clothing centers and playschools

In the baby-clothing centers and playschools under the direct management of Roma Capitale, Ukrainian boys and girls from the age group between zero and six are welcomed and the possibility to welcome girls and boys in the age group between zero is examined by the managers. of the conventional crèche.and three years.

(AGR) The Capitoline Council has approved a memorandum on the reception of Ukrainian boys and girls fleeing the war in baby-clothing centers and playschools in Rome, and outlines a series of actions aimed at coordinating the school, Work and training department were entrusted.

Mayor Roberto Gualtieri created a task force in Campidoglio on March 2 to coordinate aid, assistance and welcome actions. Moreover, within the regional crisis unit, the Mayor of Rome is the implementing body for all socio-welfare and inclusion activities, including scholastic ones, vis-à-vis the Ukrainian population.

Ukrainian boys and girls between zero and six years old are managed in the baby-clothing centers and playschools directly by the Roma Capital and the opportunity to welcome girls and boys in the range between zero and three years.

In coordination with the Department of Social Policy, tools for full inclusion and the right to education of boys and girls can be fully promoted in out-of-school activities, in a network with third sector entities, parents’ associations and other associative and voluntary subjects. ..

In addition, a control room will be set up to collect and coordinate all requests for enrollment in baby-clothing centers and playschools.

The services, including those of the teachers in all schools where the service is provided by Roma Capitale, are provided free of charge to users. The Organization and Human Resources Department will monitor the need for educational and school staff and, if necessary, take measures to increase the availability.

“Rome is close to the Ukrainian people who are suffering the tragedy of the war, an unacceptable aggression that we condemn. We will continue to mobilize to demand peace and an end to the Russian military offensive and to do everything for concrete solidarity with those from the Conflict. With our response to this humanitarian crisis, we provide not only hospitality, but also all the tools for the integration of refugees. The school is one of the first and most important places of inclusion. We guarantee Ukraine “Girls and boys have a school placement and we encourage activities and initiatives for the right to education and sociality. Rome is there and will continue to show its face of solidarity and peace,” said Rome Mayor Roberto Gualtieri.

“Rome is doing and will continue to do everything in its power to respond to the tragedy of the war in Ukraine in the name of peace, solidarity and inclusion. As in all conflicts, civilians are the first to suffer the consequences of this war. Commitment of institutions, families and civil society to provide concrete proximity to those fleeing the war. “Dialogue, of peace and as an educational community for all and for all. The school, as Maria Montessori taught us, can only be a place of peace, of education for peace, of building peace”, explains Claudia Pratelli, Counselor for School, Training and Work of Rome Capital.

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