Rome, education service for pupils and students with disabilities: over 22 million more per year from the Giunta

The Capitoline Council yesterday adopted a resolution on the quality, continuity and uniformity of the educational service to strengthen the right to education, autonomy and school inclusion of pupils and students with disabilities in the city, with a view to d ‘Centrality of the needs of pupils and pupils and the active role of families. There are also innovations in the name of recognizing professionalism and strengthening the protection of the rights of operators in the sector, the so-called Oepac (Educational Operators for Autonomy and Communication). The provision provides for a greater commitment by Roma Capital of over 22 million euros per year more than in the past in terms of spending on the service.

The resolution, which comes after the approval of the Capitoline Assembly by the new regulation for the same sector, presents several relevant innovations, collected in the guidelines for the management of the service. A free accreditation procedure will be introduced on an experimental basis for the management of this service and the activation, for this purpose, of a specific register – the Single School Accredited Register (RUAS) – for the school year 2022/2024, renewable for the next two-year period 2024/2026. All organizations (non-profit and non-profit) operating in the field of inclusion and / or school integration services can apply in the register. For this purpose, a public notice is published illustrating the quality and professionalism required for accreditation.

We are therefore in favor of a major change in the regulation of the service. Loans will no longer be provided with tenders, which have often seen through the mechanism of rebates in the past the prevalence of only economic savings criteria. In fact, a new system is being adopted, that of accreditation, which, through a fixed cost of service, is a crucial step forward in terms of the quality of interventions, for the benefit of pupils and students and families.

Among the other changes brought about by the resolution and the guidelines are: the free choice of the families of the governing body among those accredited; a participatory monitoring system of the accreditation system, involving the various actors involved in the process; a system for assessing the quality of service; classification at level D1 of the contract for workers of cooperatives in the social health sector, educational assistance and job placement; the right to food for female workers; guaranteeing the social clause to protect staff, to ensure educational and employment continuity. In addition, the re-use of the remaining hours of service in the territory or their use for the elimination of waiting lists is provided for.

Our action for the revitalization of Rome continues under the sign of a strong commitment to make the capital a true educational community. We are taking a crucial step forward in a basic sector such as the right to education, autonomy and the school inclusion of pupils and students with disabilities. We now have an important set of resources and tools to strengthen the quality, continuity and homogeneity of service on the territory of the city, to recognize the professionalism of the operators and operators and the protection of their rights to strengthen. I thank the Board of Trustees for the school Claudia Pratelli, the School Committee and the Capitoline Assembly for this important change, which follows other very clear choices of this administration, such as those for the reduction of fees and for the introduction of an extension .the timetable of the municipal crèches, and the projects for interventions in the schools with the resources of the NRP “, declared the Mayor of Rome Roberto Gualtieri.

I am very happy with the result. We had the urgency to revolutionize a stopped system and to find instruments that put the rights of students, families and male and female workers at the center. With the new rules, we are making a radical change: no more trust through cheap tenders, but a new mechanism that guarantees higher quality and more homogeneity of service, more rights for operators and operators in the sector. As far as education and the right to education are concerned, we have taken on a major challenge of which I am extremely proud. “I thank the mayor, the aldermen and the school committee of Roma Capitale for this very important measure for our city.” commented on the counselor in school, training and work of Rome Capital, Claudia Pratelli.

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