Road safety. We put safety first

Road safety. We put safety first. The students who make the best video as a memorandum against the dangers are awarded; to pick up a 10 AM driver’s license.

We put safety first

The project “We give safety priority” on the prevention of road accidents in Italian schools, presented byVittorio Veneto Salvemini Institut (LT) and promoted by MIUR Ministry of Education. The initiative, which together with the Local Police an al Department of Prevention, Traffic Police, Victim of the Road Association and with the support ofParalympic athlete Giusy Versaceinvolved 5 schools spread across Italian territory and dozens of students in 4 Italian regions.

The aim is to promote in the new generations, in the school environment, the adoption of the behaviors that are necessary to become safer and more conscious road users and to protect their own and others’ health.

Direct participation of students

For this reason, the project, in addition to a series of road safety awareness courses, ranges from the basic rules of first aid to the rules of the New Highway Code, in particular to the abuse of alcohol and drugs. direct involvement of the students., who are the real protagonists of this initiative: at the end of the training, the students actually have until June 15th to make a short film of a maximum of 2 minutes on the main road dangers that they usually encounter in their own city. The winning video class will receive the full funding of 10 AM driver’s license (for a maximum of 500 euros each) as a prize; while the second ranked class is entitled to 5 free AM driving licenses.

Road safety. The main stage Marina Rossi

“Protecting one’s own safety and that of others is an indispensable value for everyone. But for roads to be safe places, it is not enough to displace wrongdoing, to impose fines on those who break the law: it is necessary to create a culture of road safety, from the bottom up, with the Find school education and effective communication methods that can only be identified by peers. That is why the videos that students make have the function of communicating about these topics with the use of means that they are familiar with and manage according to their logic “.says Marina Rossi, dean of the Vittorio Veneto Salvemini Institute and speaker of the project.

Giusy Versace, Paralympic athlete

“This is an issue that is very close to my heart, because after the road accident I felt even more than necessary to form a culture of respect and caution through road education, especially among young people. That’s why I’m happy to support this initiative. and I thank all those who contribute; together we can make a difference. “declares Giusy Versace, Paralympic athlete.

Road Accidents

The data tell us that road accidents are the leading cause of death among young people between 15 and 24 years of age and one of the leading causes of disability. According to an analysis by ISTAT and the State Police, 64 thousand accidents in Italy will occur in 2021 with an increase of almost 27% in total claims compared to 2020. The survey also shows that accidents with physical injuries involving people increase by + 26% and fatal accidents by + 15.5% compared to last year.

Make the roads safer

With the occurrence of the pandemic, there has been a decrease in the average number of traffic accidents compared to the previous years, as the volume of trips has been drastically reduced. This does not mean, however, that night roads will be safer; Road accidents continue to be a phenomenon that is being monitored, also in view of the new road safety objectives set out in Agenda 2030.

And in this scenario, the project “We give priority to safety” was born, precisely to respond to a social need and to make the streets safer, educating students to drive carefully and consciously, free from alcohol abuse, Drugs and speed not allowed.

“We give security priority”

School education project on road safety presented by Vittorio Veneto Salvemini Institute of Latina (LT) and funded by the Ministry of Education.
The initiative is being carried out in collaboration with the local police and the prevention department and with the support and testimony of Paralympic athlete Giusy Versace.

The speakers are Dr Pietro Gammardella and Dr Silvia Iacovacci.

Road safety. The schools involved

IIS “Vittorio Veneto Salvemini” (LT),
IIS “Della Corte-Vanvitelli” Cava dei Tirreni (SA),
IIS “G. Filangieri” Cava dei Tirreni (SA),
IIS “A. Volta” Nicosia (EN), CPIA Morbegno (SO),
IIS “Carducci-Volta-Pacinotti” Piombino (LI).

Road safety

Students from each school must produce a 2-minute short film about road safety, which is then judged by an external jury; There are 15 fully funded licenses in place, 10 for the first class and 5 for the second.

Road safety.  We put safety first

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