“RETHINNING SCHOOL, SERGIO NERI AND FULL TIME” – Website of the municipality Modena Press Office

Full time has been a fact of life in Modena primary schools for many years and by far the most practiced choice of families. This is not just an organizational method: the goal, to improve the reconciliation of parents’ working hours, is added to the pedagogical choices for the design of quality education, on for the pollution of the territory and based on research and experiments.

The path taken by the municipality of Modena, the educational institutes and the Department of Education and Humanities of Unimore falls within this context, which also conducts research on this subject within the framework of an agreement with the municipality.

The first public appointment of this path is the seminar “Rethinking the school: Sergio Neri in full time”, scheduled for Monday, May 23 at 3:30 pm at the San Carlo Foundation in Modena, and via San Carlo 5 (to attend the event online Registration via the memo site, but you can also follow the work in livestream on the Facebook page and on Youtube channel of memo).

The works are started by the Mayor of Modena Gian Carlo Muzzarelli and an opening video message by Stefano Versari, Head of the Department of Education and Training System of the Ministry of Education.

After the welcome by Annamaria Contini, Director of the Unimore Department of Education and Human Sciences and Gianni Ravaldi, School Director of the Primo Circolo Formigine, the Councilor for Education of the Municipality of Modena Grazia Baracchi will present the speeches of Roberto Farnè of the Department of Science Quality of life of the University of Bologna (“Teachers and animators: Full-time school as a didactic animation laboratory”), Antonella Pugnaghi from the Department of Education and Humanities of the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia (“Sergio” Neri a full-time experience in the municipality of Modena “) and Antonio Gariboldi by the Unimore Education and Human Sciences Department (“Thinking Together Full Time: Sergio Neri’s News”).

Fifty years after the full-time law, it was intended to reflect on the reasons and intentions that guided its realization, starting with the experience gained in the schools of the city and the reflections of Sergio Neri, dedicated to the Ministry of Education. a further study after the two days on the subject of inclusion about a year ago.

Neri argued that full-time work should not be “a simple extension of the school day”. Through the contributions of teachers and researchers and the testimonies of those who participated in the full-time start in Modena, the seminar seeks to rediscover the reasons that guided the first experiments in the 1970s, for future perspectives in question to reconcile the curriculum. Activities organized together with the educational community.

One of the challenges of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan is to extend full-time and expand the educational offer of the schools, allocating resources for the construction and renovation of canteens and gymnasiums. Among the 11 project proposals submitted by the municipality of Modena to the Pnrr funds for the “extension of the offer of playschools to universities”, as well as new structures and renovations, four candidates refer to the school canteen of Good Shepherd Primary, Giovanni XXIII, S Agnese, Leopardi and two in the gym classes of SG Bosco Primary School and of the first class Ferraris Secondary.

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