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It will take place online Thursday, February 24th 2022 of 10.00 a.m. the Info Day “THE BOY INFORMATION IS THERE“, organized by ANCI Lombardyin collaboration with the network of partner municipalities including the municipality of Lecco in the framework of the regional project “Regional Orientation Platform“Sent under notification”Lombardy is one of the young people in 2020“, promoted by Lombardy Region in collaboration with ANCI Lombardia.

During the event (on this link the poster)addressed to organizations, institutions, actors and sector operators, the innovative TALENT HUB platform is previewed and the functioning and potential available to young people, families, schools, companies, communities and territorial areas is illustrated in detail. TALENT HUB is the result of intensive work of the youth informatics of the municipalities of Cremona (project leader), Bergamo, Brescia, Lecco, Lissone, Lodi, Novate Milanese, Varese, the Metropolitan City of Milan and the technology partner Jobiri, who have bet on the possibility / usefulness of connecting the educational and vocational guidance services for young people in our region at a regional level. A challenge that saw the body provide the best professional and specialized resources on the topic of leadership in Anci Lombardia, through the Department of Youth, after each planning and basic phase with attention and competence.

Orientation platform – declares the Regional Councilor for Metropolitan City Development, Youth and Communications Stefano Bologninirepresents a specific territorial initiative since its origins, as it was born in response to a need for Organicity with respect to the theme of work orientation. We know, however, that in this specific territory there has been for some time a consolidated experience, which favors the meeting between demand and supply of work, a very important factor in what constitutes a continuous dialogue between the world of education and the economic and productive . The Lombardy region considers it essential to further improve initiatives such as these and to support territorial projects. In this sense, it is our goal for the next few years to work on the construction of a system of interconnected networks capable of interrupting the specific needs of the territories in a unified regional system.“.

Youth policy is a priority for ANCI Lombardia, which has been strongly committed to this front for several years. – he declared Mauro GuerraPresident of the ANCI Lombardia – The Regional Orientation platform is the result of the collaboration between the various municipalities, to which Cremona in particular deserves our applause and thanks, because they have shown with their work that a structured form of support for the territories and system put. the interinstitutional relations necessary to achieve the objectives of the regional call. In fact, this platform can be the reference tool for municipalities and territorial areas to provide youth, families, schools, businesses, ITS and IFTS networks, employment centers, ANPAL services in the Lombardy region. Above all, it will support the communities, in assisting and accompanying young people in the transition from school to work and from work to work, so that they can realize their life project.

Education or career guidance should not be limited to a few events at certain times of the year – he declared Alessandra DuranteCouncilor for Family, Youth and Communication of the Municipality of Lecco -. Orientation should be a constant activity, so that the choice of a training or work path can be experienced as a natural passage. For this reason, I find the platform tool an excellent result: not only boys and girls have the opportunity to access initiatives and information at any time, but also families can find committed support to represent an informed interlocutor who is capable to accompany them. with choice of their children. Our youth information center has played a priority role in the realization of this project: both by providing content and guiding specific training and preparation activities of the platform, which can be enriched and integrated over time, as well as by organizing daily meetings and interviews for to support orientation. of the young people of our city.

The event’s rich program will see the participation of various speakers who, from the illustration of what has begun and been achieved in recent years, will discuss future perspectives and the scenario that will take shape. a “coordinated regional system” of interventions for the benefit of young peoplealso in the light of the bill “for” and “with” young people recently approved by the Lombardy region.

They will open the works Mauro GuerraPresident of ANCI Lombardia e Stefano Bolognini, Counselor for Metropolitan City Development, Youth and Communication of the Lombardy Region; following Maria Carmen RussoPresident of the Regional Council for Youth Information ANCI Lombardia and coordinator of the project “Regional Orientation Platform”, will illustrate the actions taken in the context of the call for proposals “Lombardia belongs to young people 2020”, also offers a perspective on the activities underway for 2021. at the heart of the TALENT HUB preview: before the launch of the promotional video made by PIRENE SrL – Agenzia di Comunicazione, Claudio Sponchioni, CEO at Jobiri – Innovative careers and employment services through socially influential technologies – Technology partner of the project, of illustrate the structure and features of the new regional orientation platform.

The theme of the second part of the meeting is “Investing in Skills and Governance”: Luca PedrazzoliDirector of the Service de la Jeunesse of the municipality of Lecco and Coordinator of the action training, he talks about the topic “Training as a strategy: Transformation and certification of the skills of information youth operators”; Maura RuggeriCouncilor for Education and Human Rights of the Municipality of Cremona – Project Leader, will illustrate the role of the “Political Table”; Loredana PoliCouncilor for Education and Youth Policy of the Municipality of Bergamo and President of the Education – Education – School Building Department of ANCI Lombardia will report on the role of the ANCI Lombardia in integrating policies for young people.

In the third and final part of the day, as part of the policy for and with the young people, they will speak Luca BramatiAncilab Lombardia who talks about the results of the recognition and analysis of the organization of existing communal structures and the provision of services for young people in 2021 and Riccardo Mariani, Coach and Consultant for Community Development Projects and Community Welfare, reporting on “Youth Information as a Preferred Channel, Enabling Connection to the System and Network Logic. Reflections, Interpretation and Scenario”. He will moderate the session G. Piera VismaraContact person for ANCI Lombardia of the calls for “Lombardy belongs to the young”.

The TALENT HUB regional management platform will be officially launched online on 28 February 2022 at an event aimed specifically at young people, which will be defined and the details of which will be disseminated in the coming days.

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