Reporting, self-assessment report and improvement plan: is it not enough to say that schools have survived Covid?

In recent days, the Ministry of Education has created platforms for the preparation and updating of strategic documents such as the social report, the self-evaluation report and the training offer plan with an improvement plan, the staff training plan and much more opened.
But is all this work and work really useful?

Let’s hear what Mario Luciani, school teacher and provincial secretary of the PA of Frosinone, thinks about it

I have always been a strong advocate of this working method. Planning to avoid improvisation, evaluation to counter self-fire, reporting to confront users and defeat the self-referentiality, atavistic evil of the school. I have never devoted myself to inconclusive lamentation, a true sport of a certain part of the category, but this time some doubts about the method also come to me “.

What are the doubts?

We are at the end of a pandemic that has broken all patterns, disrupting the normal trend, not only of the school, but of the entire planet. The Italian school did great things, but the rhythms jumped, completely subduing the normal trend. Let’s remember those months when I walked in awe through the empty corridors, the faces of the children with a pencil in one hand and a mobile phone in the other. And we have to ignore it?

What do you mean by that?

And soon said: but what do we report? Which of the goals that were set three years ago on the basis of our action has retained a minimum of significance? Who was so blind to the situation that they minimally looked at the planning of the actions in the improvement plan? What about the realistic and useful processes and results in the self-assessment report?

Perhaps a final report is in order

We had enormous difficulties to provide the basic service, the educational offer, with whole months with schools closed, with distance learning from dance connections, connections and knitting and with schools where the fiber is a dream that never comes true. What to write correctly?

So what?

I would say we survived despite Covid and that would be more than enough. Parents will surely appreciate it. Here, this panegyric of documents actually only responds to the much-criticized logic of mere fulfillment, color paper, nothing more, a veritable litany of the useless. Who knows why, it reminds me of the automated school bell, which, guided by an electronic clock, continues to ring relentlessly in the summer even when the classes are no longer there and the rhythms they scanned no longer exist.

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