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In the morning, the unions were presented with the guideline for the renewal of the school contract, which expired in 2019. The contract covers over one million employees including teachers in ATA (aid, technical and administrative). This was announced by the Ministry of Education.

The illustration took place in the presence of Minister Patrizio Bianchi. The reference points of the document, which form the basis of the contractual renewal, as provided for in Legislative Decree 165 of 2001 (Consolidated Law on Public Employment), are the National Recovery and Resilience Plan, the Pact for Schools, the Framework for Contract Renewal of public administrations for the three-year period 2019-2021.

The law sets out the government’s objectives in the context of renewal.

With regard to training, e.g. the contract must, as stated in the address deed, define a package of lessons dedicated to teacher training, in particular on innovative teaching methods and language and digital skills.. For the ATA, the professional organization is reviewed, with attention to staff improvement, particularly by the DSGAs.

Among the objectives, there is also the work environment: possible areas for intervention will be represented by support for parents, health services, education and sustainable mobility.

The contract will also govern the instrumental features that today constitute an important support for school autonomy and innovation: the aim is to have specific training initiatives for those who take on this responsibility, and the selection criteria, the duration of the Tasks and to regulate relative remuneration.

The national contract brings together all the contractual rules in a single text, so that it is easier for workers to consult and understand them.. The contract will also regulate the disciplinary aspects, as well as the relevant agile work.

According to the Orizzonte Scuola collected, the economic part would also be discussed. It is currently 87 Euros gross including a compensating element of 11.5 Euros on average. With the addition of the funds of the budget law it would increase to 100-105 Euro gross per month.

With the one-time 200 million euros for 2022, the bar of the average gross monthly increase would be 120-125, then from 2023 onwards to 100-105a figure however higher than the last CCLN 2016-2018, signed by the then Minister of Education, Valeria Fedeli.

Working relationships
Negotiations aim to confirm and consolidate the structure of the trade union system and its various articulations (national, regional, institutional), to update its content as well as to share the innovative choices of the “National Recovery Plan” and to implement “resilience” in In particular, as provided for in the framework of the School Pact in the center of the country. , must be implemented.

Personal Training
Continuing education is a right and a duty of the staff, which takes place during working hours. The contract will define a package of hours, specific and mandatory for the training of teachers and, for the ITA staff, for the improvement of IT and digital skills for the use of IT tools related to administrative work.
The contract must provide for additional commitment to all staff in relation to training and, without prejudice to the principle of remuneration for work outside working hours, it may also provide for methods by which commitment in training activities is evaluated. and consistent with the didactic activity carried out, it will be possible to link further developments of professional development also in relation to the provisions of the arts. 24 of CCNL 2006/2009.

Distance learning and agile work
Face-to-face teaching must be the normal and fundamental modality of teaching performance. If, in accordance with the freedom of the teaching staff and the professional profile of the teachers and within the prerogatives of the collegiate bodies of the school, remote working methods are used for the teaching staff, the contract governs the methods of performance, and in particular Respect for the institutions of employment, which require adjustments in the case of work that is not present. With regard to ATA staff, teleworking and agile work must be qualified as one of the possible ways to carry out the work performance of employees, including to improve the working condition, the balance between life and working hours, ‘organizational innovation and service quality , alternating with face-to-face work. The contract governs the methods of performance with particular regard to all aspects of the employment relationship that require adjustments in the event of work not being done in the presence.

Contractual well-being
The contract will identify well-being interventions to improve staff well-being and strengthen the sense of administration, taking into account the different characteristics of staff from a demographic and family point of view. Possible areas for intervention will be represented: parental support, health services, education and sustainable mobility.

ATA personal professional order
The CCNL, taking into account the work of the Joint Commission established in ARAN under Article 34 of the CCNL 2016-2018, will review the professional organization of ATA staff in order to adapt this organization to the new tasks and responsibilities. . the development of school autonomy and technological innovation, which provide specific training activities for the fruit of career development. Additional resources are being used for this purpose.
With a view to strengthening the organization and administrative capacity of educational institutions, the CCNL will pay particular attention to the improvement of DSGA staff in the context of the review of the professional system.

Support functions for school autonomy
The functions that are instrumental to the pedagogical curriculum, represent an important support for school autonomy and innovation, as reference points and advocates for the participation of teachers in the achievement of the objectives defined by the pedagogical curriculum. The CCNL regulates the specific training initiatives aimed at teachers who take on responsibility, the duration of the tasks and the relative remuneration.

Institutions of work relationship
During the renewal of the contract, the parties will evaluate the possibility of making maintenance interventions on the employment relationship, which will be required after the application phase under the National Collective Agreement 2016/2018.

Unique text
The CCNL brings together all contract rules in a single text, which facilitates language clarity, consultation and understanding between administrations and workers.

Disciplinary sanctions
The contract must address the issue of disciplinary sanctions for teachers, taking into account the provisions of Article 29, Section 2 of the CCNL 2016/2019, including the establishment of out-of-court settlement centers for related disputes.

School contract renewal, father and agile work will be disciplined. DRAFT Address Act

Renewal of school contract, training of staff: space for innovative learning methods and digital skills. DRAFT Address Act

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