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With resolution no. 1 of 14.01.2020, on a proposal from the former councilor for Civil Protection Massimiliano Minutoli, the city council approved the “regulation of the municipal group of voluntary civil protection” in accordance with the current municipal regulations, approved the establishment of the city council. of Voluntary Civil Protection. “Civil protection means resilience, a concept that demonstrates the ability to deal positively with traumatic events, to find beauty even in difficulties and to transform a threat into a resource, personal growth and enrichment. Volunteering is the most strenuous, generous, available and resilient. Person par excellence: they are people with courage, patience, a spirit of adaptation, and who, under unwelcome circumstances, manage to succeed effectively, in spite of everything and sometimes against any chance. Opposition, their existence new To give impetus and even to achieve important goals “. “It is from this perspective that the municipal civil protection volunteer group was born – explains Sabrina Palumbo, a volunteer from Legambiente dei Peloritani.” The volunteer Palumbo, designated as the first coordinator of the community group, as that of Art. 3 of the Regulation, will be tasked with initiating the selection procedures and subsequent training of aspiring volunteers with the aim of accompanying the group to the first elections, following the notification published in recent weeks for the selection of aspiring volunteers , approved by the executive municipality with the resolution n ° 105 of 07.02.2022. “This activity must also be encouraged by the Circumscriptions to encourage citizens – further the group’s first coordinator – to connect and strengthen the Voluntary Service System Civil Protection also in favor of the UCL, decentralized emergency office identified in the headquarters of the neighborhoods. in case of emergency, “hope then” in a prompt response from citizens, which will lead to the identification of the first 100 volunteers in this initial phase of start-up leadership “, concluded Palumbo.
A municipal corporation has a different legal status than a charity. While a voluntary reality remains, in contrast to an association created by the will of private citizens, the communal group was born instead of the will of the communal administration. The participating volunteers are therefore in all the “staff” of the mayor, as the highest community protection organization. This has several advantages, including the fact that one can count on a technical structure (the Civil Protection Service), which provides volunteers with technical-organizational support, training and training in the management of a subject (civil protection). complex ubidden.
Citizens over the age of eighteen may join the group and, under the responsibility of the parental authority, also those over the age of sixteen, be used exclusively in theoretical or administrative training activities.
Volunteers who join the group must attend an initial basic training course and others who come for continuous updating. Training activities and training practices aim at achieving specific technical preparation and continuous improvement.

The aim is to make the Civil Protection Municipal Service more and more efficient, in order to guarantee citizens a valid reference in the various emergency phases. The community group of civil protection volunteers has the task of implementing actions that disseminate knowledge, forecast and prevent risks, as well as any urgent interventions that are necessary to maintain the emergency, and thus first Helping to guarantee the population.
In the group, training and management sectors are identified on the basis of the main risks that the territory is subject to:
• technical logistics sector, specializing in logistics interventions, tents and reception;
• Radiocommunication sector, which provides familiarity with the preparation of base stations and the use of radio equipment for emergency communications;
• First Aid and First Aid Sector, in which we specialize in first aid and socio-health care;
• Surveillance and fire prevention sector especially of intersections;
• Vehicles and equipment sector, knowledge and management of vehicles, their storage and maintenance.
The group’s activities include preparation and support in the management of emergency areas, evacuation of buildings and danger areas, census, information and support for the evacuated population, monitoring of the territory, assistance to the population in need Emergency massage. Areas, the implementation of school information and training initiatives to improve the competence of its members and to spread the culture of civil protection.
In addition to the activities promoted by the commune, once the registration procedure has been launched in the various registers, the commune faction can participate in all civil protection activities, including exercises and trainings that take place at both regional and national level. promoted in international the DRPC or other voluntary institutions and organizations.
Volunteers engaged in the activities are guaranteed by the municipality of Messina:
• the clothing and PPE needed to carry out the activities provided by the group itself;
• appropriate insurance cover for damage to one’s own person as well as for damage to third parties, in accordance with current legislation on the subject;
• the use of communal vehicles assigned to the group;
• the payments and benefits, which the current legislation relating to withdrawal, so the maintenance of the public or private employment and the maintenance of the economic and social treatment of the employer.
The sole manager of the group is the Mayor or Deputy Adviser for Civil Protection, but in this transitional phase the role of the manager is assigned under the responsibilities of the Director of the Civil Protection Service.
The first phase of the group’s realization will therefore be the organizational one, which will have a maximum duration of one year, and will be the selection of volunteers who want to participate, the creation of a basic training in Civil Protection, which counts the to provide first notions of Civil Protection, to make public sector regulations, to know and use fire prevention tools, to use radio communications correctly, to know and use IT tools and equipment.
A steering committee is then set up, with the task of preparing the activities and precisely defining the internal organization of the group.

Volunteers are recruited through a public announcement, which they can consult on the website of the municipality Messina on the page – da-sign-up-in-the-volunteer-group-of-civil-protection / followed by an introductory course meeting to review the requisites needed to participate in the training.
Requests for membership can be sent in the following ways:
• through the institutional IT platform set up on the website of the municipality of Messina at the following address: civil /;
• by sending an e-mail to
• by certified e-mail to the certified e-mail address
• or through the Office for Civil Protection via Franza n. 1 by reservation by appointment at no. Phone 090 22866, geom. Giacomo D’Andrea.

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