Registration of borders in the secondary schools of Rome and its province. Pantuso (Oil School): “The situation collapses, the result of an unequal regional training offer”

A few weeks after the end of the enrollment for the next school year, the inevitable problem of overbooking arose in several universities in the capital, which had to reject hundreds of children due to lack of classrooms. The most striking case is that of the Scientific Lycée Nomentano in Rome, which rejected 210 enrollments as well as about 7 first-year classes, a phenomenon that has been going on for some time because it is the only high school that has a scientific address in the Bufalotta area. on the outskirts of the capital and a constant increase in population. But enrollment from borders has also happened, again in the Nomentano region, in other institutes like Giordano Bruno for the Human Sciences course and the Pacinotti Archimedes for the sports course, leaving about 50 boys. Similar situation in the scientific high school Cannizzaro in the region Eur, which had to refuse 103 applications for enrollment. And then on to the scientific Lycée Democrito of Casal Palocco, which had to distract about 90 students and other high institutions of the EUR. While Newton, in the central via Manzoni, could not accommodate 130 students. It is an unflattering list drawn up by the Oil Lazio school, which sheds light on critical issues throughout Rome and its province.

“The data we have collected – explained Saverio PantusoSecretary General of the Owl Lazio School are the effect of an unequal education offer on the territory of our region with an abnormal school oversizing, repeatedly condemned by us by the Uil Scuola – says Regional Secretary Saverio Pantuso – as highlighted in the specific report that was drawn up and delivered. competent authorities institutional body prior to approval of 2022/23 size plan. With this document, we highlight the disjointed planning of the Lazio Region School Network does not prioritize the need to harmonize the didactic, pedagogical and training needs of users with the dynamics of territorial development and related professional needs “.

“Given with 171 oversized schools, of which 140 only in Rome and mainly in peripheral contexts, such as the Nomentano Lycée (with a school population of 1787 students) and the Amaldi in Tor Bella Monaca with 2060 students, there were likely problems related. on the reception of pupils due to lack of suitable places, but also in relation to safety as well as substantial prejudices to the quality of the educational offer. are forced to look for other institutes which, however, are only provisionally as far as their place of residence and are therefore difficult to reach.

In addition, before the start of the new school year, many schools have asked the local authorities to identify additional spaces not used in neighboring buildings to accommodate pupils in accordance with safety regulations or, alternatively, to create areas within school perimeter areas. . of the tensile structures or prefabricated buildings where superfluous classes can converge. However, there was no response from the authorities concerned, mainly due to the lack of public funds allocated to major school-building interventions.

“Even the oil schooland – concludes Pantuso – has repeatedly called for discussions with the relevant institutional bodies on issues of various kinds, from the complex pandemic management to the oversizing of educational institutions, without, however, following this time of the school year with the consistently bitter discovery. , by a very rough management of the schools in our region, which have succeeded in continuing through the tireless and constant work of the school principals and staff. We expect accountability from all the bodies involved. “because sooner or later all the problems will come to the fore and take care of the school and the people who live there must be a priority for everyone”.

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