Region, the political week to Friday: Council tomorrow –

THE EAGLE – This morning the political week at the Hemicycle opens, Monday, August 1, at 11 a.m., with the extraordinary session of the second Council Commission “Territory, Environment and Infrastructure. Three bills dedicated to the following topics are under discussion: “Provisions for the reduction of land use and the rehabilitation of the building stock” (Hearing of the Presidents of the Colleges of Surveyors of Abruzzo and of the Presidents of the Orders of Engineers of Abruzzo; ” Amendments and additions to the regional law of July 29, 1998, n.64 establishing the Regional Agency for the Protection of the Environment (ARTA) “(Hearings of the directors of the ARTA territorial offices District of L’Aquila, Chieti, Teramo and Pescara); “Measures to support the population that limit the recognition of water shortages.” The administrative provision on the “regional reprogramming of residual volumes derived from DGR n.110 / 8 of 02 07 2018” will also be reviewed. Tuesday, August 2, at 10 a.m., the fifth Council Commission “Health, Social Security, Culture, Training and Work is convened in an extraordinary session, with the following agenda: Hearing of the regional health councilor Nicoletta Verì and of the general director of Asl 1 Abruzzo, Ferdinando Romano, on the resolution that requests the clarification of the merit ranking and the start of the relative recruitment procedures of the ASL1 of the winners . the competition of the Social Healthcare Operator cat. B; Bill “Establishment of the Basic Psychology Service”; Bill “Establishment and construction of the garden of memory of the victims of the Rigopiano disaster”; Bill “Rules for the support and promotion of theater activities carried out by non-FUS subjects” (Hearing of the LOrSA Coordination – Workers and Organisms Live Entertainment Abruzzo); “Amendments to the Regional Law of January 23, 2004, n. 3 ‘Establishment of the School Psychology Service’ “(Hearing of the Abruzzo Order of Psychologists, Regional Superintendent, Prof. Marco Sarchiapone, Regional Secretaries of the Abruzzo CGIL School, CISL, UIL, Contact person for the association Nastrini Liberi Uniti) . The same Tuesday, August 2, at 11:30 a.m., the First Board Commission “Budget, General and Institutional Affairs” will meet to review the bill “Accounting provisions for the management of the budget 2022-2024 and further urgent and non-postponable provisions”. After the work of the commission of Tuesday 2, with the scheduled start of the session at 15.00, the regional council will be convened. which meet in the community “Sandro Spagnoli” of the Palazzo dell’Emiciclo in L’Aquila. Last scheduled appointment, the meeting of the supervisory committee, which is scheduled for Thursday, August 4, at 10.00 a.m., for a detailed study of the ASL resolution on the recruitment of a medical manager of the discipline of admission in emergency medicine and surgery for the needs of the emergency facilities of the Pescara ASL. These include: Nicoletta Verì, competent regional councillor; Thomas Schael, General Manager of ASL2; , Vincenzo Ciamponi, Director General of the Local Health Authority 3 Pescara – red –


At 15.00 the meeting of the Abruzzo Regional Council will be convened in the municipality of “Sandro Spagnoli” from the Palazzo dell’Emiciclo. The proceedings open with the question on the “Competition for local health authorities – Professional Administrative Collaborators – Category D”. follow The following questions are discussed:Delays in the implementation provisions LR 21 December 2021, n. 28″; “Real estate units for housing emergency ATER of Teramo”; “Abruzzo region of wellness”; “Lack of water resources in Abruzzo”; “Funds in favor of anti-violence centers for housing support, reintegration and work, women on the roads accompanying escape from violence”; “Lack of medical personnel in the Emergency Department of the SS. Nicola and Filippo of Avezzano “; “Situation on the state of completion of the port of Giulianova”. After that, the Legislative Assembly will review the following bills: “Amendments to the regional law of March 3, 2010, n. 7 (Regional provisions on expropriation for public services) “; “Legal changes for the conclusion of the merger through the incorporation procedure of the Abruzzo Sviluppo company and the Fi.RA company and provisions on internal companies in the region”; “Establishment of the One Health Award”; “Provisions on the promotion and support of culture (Registered without report according to Article 70, Section 3 of the Internal Regulations for the work of the Council)”. In addition, the following administrative measures are discussed: “Technical-administrative procedure for the issuance of public water concessions: Adoption of the decision-making conference institution according to Law 241/90 and subsequent amendments and additions – Approval of exclusion criteria for applications for preferential concessions and amnesty with permanent withdrawal from the Ex-ante environmental assessment “; “Municipality of Monteferrante (CH) – Timely amendment of the Regional Landscape Plan (PRP) as part of the procedure for the variation of the Executive City Plan (PRE) of the Municipality of Monteferrante (CH) for the construction of the Operational Center Municipal”. Finally, it is announced that the Conference of Group Leaders has determined that the activities of the Board of Directors will be suspended from August 9 to 25, 2022 – red –

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