Reggio, the ITT Panella -Vallauri Fashion Course concludes the school year on the catwalk

Amazing conclusion of 2021/2022 school year for the fashion course of the ITT Panella-Vallauri in Reggio Calabria, with a beautiful fashion show, which was held on June 8th in the area in front of the Vallauri building.

Many spectators took part in the artistic performance of the boys of Corso Moda, who paraded the clothes of their production. After more than two years of pandemic, the students, followed by their teachers, brought to life an important event, both for the quantity of models presented to the public and for the themes that inspired the collections. . Various topics in the study, both from a historical-cultural and from a laboratory point of view.

From the collection dedicated to Magna Graecia, to the presentation of typical models of the Calabrian popular tradition, the result of historical research, which aims to teach young people their roots, cultural identity and connection with the territory forget. The folkloristic group “I peddaroti” enriched this evocative moment with a short performance that thrilled all presenters.

But the inspirations that gave impetus to the work of the students of the fashion class were many and then turned to the history of the costume, to interpret with a personal style the recent historical periods such as those of the 60s and 70s . , typical of hippy and ethnic fashion. Many models who walked the well-kept catwalk would love the best professional shows, many were the approval of the public.

The artistic-cultural exhibition of the young people of Corso Moda was also enriched by the presence of a myriad of guests, such as Uiltec, Soleinsieme Sartoria Sociale and Antura Gioielli, who have been an effective collaborator with the fashion section of the ITT Reggio for some time have established. In fact, the attention of these companies to the deserving students was significant, which then materialized in the order of paid internships and training courses in the company.

It was not only fashion on the catwalk of the ITT Reggio, but the creation of a real show, full of entertainment moments, music and art, that the school wanted to offer to the general public, but also all of them. Citizens.
Among the guests of the morning, the Sicilian designer Koscanio, established himself with his fantastic collections in the panorama of Italian and international fashion, which find inspiration in art and history. From baroque to gothic, from oriental atmospheres to the more refined of french imperial style. Also on the catwalk was reggae stylist Cheren Surfaro, fresh from a trip to Dubai, during which she enriched her fashion with suggestive baroque influences and brought it to the Arab Emirates, with great success. Two talented and very young models from Reggio, Antonino and Manuela Schiavone from the Star Award Association, which organizes events in the fashion field, parade for them.

It is represented by President Marlena Maimone and Vice President Irma Imedaze, a well-known model both in Italy and abroad.
The conclusion of the show represents the most intense moment of the initiative, with the parade of a “capsule collection” inspired by peace. Emotional garments that contain visual messages embroidered with the word “peace” on the garments in many languages, or with the re-adaptation of the colorful and symbolic flag that becomes the train of an evening dress, have conquered the audience.

The creativity of the young people has thus brought to life a message that never, as in this moment, has to strongly affirm the whole world. A universal message that starts from the city that was born to Gianni Versace and that has always suffered from employment difficulties, which leads most young people to emigrate to further their education and to look for work.

The event has in the last phase the intervention of the teacher Prof. Anna Nucera, who expressed deep satisfaction for the initiative and for the great work of the professors of the fashion course led by the director of the department Prof.ssa Grazia Konstantin.

An active and participatory school day, held in the name of beauty, in the hope that the study and education of the students are the necessary prerequisites for a fundamental production sector such as fashion in our city.

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