Reggio Calabria – The “Vitrioli Principe di Piemonte” works for the Centenary. Nicita: “Ours is a familiar teaching method”

by Grazia Candido – The history of the “Principe di Piemonte” institute dates back to the early 1900s, immediately after the catastrophic earthquake of 1908 and its reconstruction in front of one of the most beautiful places in the city, Piazza Castello, still establishes today the importance of a large school complex, capable of accommodating a good number of school children and located in a strategic and functional location in Reggio Calabria.

On November 24, 2024, the IC “Vitrioli Principe di Piemonte”, mastered by the teacher Maria Morabito, celebrates its centenary and for this occasion many initiatives are planned, involving not only students but also the community and local institutions.

“In 1924, the schools of Piazza Castello were tested, closed and opened up to users with many classes, divided by gender and lessons spread over five days a week – recalls the head of the complex and mathematics teacher Laura Nicita – our school complex. began his pedagogical work by welcoming a very heterogeneous user and direct functional instruction. operational center of active learning “.
A school in constant evolution, so much so that in 2009 a section of the playschool in the complex was established, which completed cultural project, which went hand in hand with the architectural birth and growth of “this. School that the Heart of Reggio represents both the location and the training center “- Professor Nicita would like to clarify this.

“Among the activities that are going on is the digitization of the school archive, which starts as early as 1924. A work that is useful to anyone and the former school children who went to this school, to find reports or old school files – he adds the responsible person of the Plexus – the “Vitrioli Principe di Piemonte” contributes to the reconstruction of Reggio’s history and education, because when the provincial governments were suppressed by the Gentile reform, this school became an important administrative center. Resource for the community of Reggio and beyond, which included in its immediate objectives the opening of the school museum, was funded by funds recovered during the war and in the following period, such as the 1890 register and the renovation of a Piano of ancient date, in our historic hall and at that time has its traces.We will live our piano life with the help of Dr. Eduardo Lamberti Castronuovo Foundations that give the school community a valuable and historical tool.

We are talking about an important school that has over time made famous names, such as the publisher Lamberti Castronuovo, the Monsignor Salvatore Nunnari, the surgeon Riccardo Mazzitelli, the unforgettable playwright Rodolfo Chirico, the actor Gennaro Calabrese, the imitator Pasquale Caprì and many others. . who can review their school trip in the digitized archive.

“Preparations for the centenary should have started last year, but this pandemic has slowed down the work,” said Professor Nicita. , who like to learn and give to each other, whether the school is open or closed, they simply go on. do not disappoint the community, on the contrary, we must take that path to further strengthen and improve our learning.The success of the school is its staff, teachers, administrative, technical and support staff who are all familiar news about this institute, its evolution and much interesting information is reported in one of my publications, the introduction of which is by Morabito’s executive, who is researching and studying a Gesch has stimulated it, which deserves to be known by all “.

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