On the table the needs of the Seravezzina school


Pay maximum attention to neighboring communities to avoid cuts

SERAVEZZA – A constructive meeting to illustrate the school situation of the Seravezzino area and to make demands to guarantee a high quality standard of the schools, despite the cuts in the sector. It was the reason for the meeting that the mayor Lorenzo Alessandrinithe school counselor Valentina Mozzoni and the teacher Maurizio Tartarini in recent days with the Superintendent for Studies Donatella Buonripos.

The meeting made it possible to present in detail the school from the Seravezzino region, with its characteristics, potentials and needs, also in the light of the cuts affecting the school sector, on a national level.

During the meeting, the geographical characteristics of the territory were also discussed, noting how important a school of proximity is, in view of the sacrifice it makes for children to travel several miles to reach the school complex.

A situation also arose with the transfer of the primary Frediani to the plain, after the closure of the building in the capital due to structural problems, and which led to an extension of the travel times for the children of the mountain villages.

And this is exactly one of the reasons why the Alessandrini administration called for a quick return of classes to the capital, to distribute a plan of the town hall to the primary school, where in the next few days the building site for the ‘Renovation is. removed from the building.planned adaptation interventions have already begun.

Without prejudice to the school elections held at ministerial level and due to the reluctance of the various competent bodies, the Servezzina delegation returned home with the satisfaction of a very honest and constructive relationship that allowed the expectations of the school , clearly express the local government and the local government. Parents, interested in the quality of training.

“We found the superintendent very willing to listen and discuss – is the comment at the end of the meeting – and this allowed us to illustrate questions that also need to be balanced with the choices at the national level.”

In this sense, the local government is also active on the front lines of awareness-raising actions that are being carried out with neighboring municipalities, as is happening at a national level, in order to protect schools from measures that could compromise their fundamental pedagogical value.

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