Reed, database and geomapping of works in the Naples metropolitan area: 1063 projects identified

in the photo Angelo Lancelotti, President of Ance Naples

A geolocal mapping of the economic development projects of the Naples metropolitan area, of both public and private initiatives, available to the business system and political issues to ‘help’ them make political, administrative and economic decisions for the development of the territory. This is the aim of the project “Database of Economic Initiatives in progress in the Naples Region: Geomapping”, created by Ance Naples with the financial contribution of the Naples Chamber of Commerce. The project provides for the creation of a platform (Si.M.Pr.E. Construction Project Monitoring System), which therefore provides an information base for the economic development of the territory, as it is capable in a broad and timely manner of all initiatives to inform who can be put in synergy or in competition with those in the construction or planning phase. “With this project, we have created an infrastructure of knowledge, a picture of the projects expressed by the metropolitan area – explains Angelo Lancelotti, President of Ance Naples – which should take into account both public and private issues when making investment decisions. Mapping the interventions We take development trends, mostly spontaneous, from the area in which we need to be observers, interpreters and, if necessary, make corrections, evaluate what is missing and what is strategic. The project is a first step in our commitment and we hope it will be the beginning of a collective challenge, based on concrete and achievable ideas “. In addition to the location of the works, the database also shows the project category, property ownership, the nature of the work and its main functions of use or production area, the type of intervention, the source of funding , the State. of progress, the value. The summary sheets of each work also include a brief description of the intervention. The database contains data collected from 31 March 2022 and projects worth over 7.5 million euros were considered, with the exception of complex programs including the UNESCO Historical Center of Naples and the Litorale Domitio’s major redevelopment project -Flegreus. The database identified 1,063 projects, of which 547 are geo-referenced on the digital map and about 44% of the total fall within the territory of the municipality of Naples. Examining all the interventions, it is found that over 40% of the works are of a restructuring and remediation nature. In addition, about 42% of the projects (450) are of an infrastructural nature, followed by jobs dedicated to school education, social services and well-being. As for the progress of the works, excluding the Metropolitan City’s strategic plan projects, 19.3% are still in the planning phase, 18% are in progress, while in 2.6% of cases the works have been stopped or blocked . . “I hope Naples can change in the sense that it meets the needs of businesses and citizens and towards a viable city,” said Ciro Fiola, President of the Chamber of Deputies.

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