Reductions in social security contributions and a halt to undeclared work, only then can tourism resume

C.amerieri, chefs and bartenders are now exempted from the obligation of the mask. All the security measures that have been taken in two years (from distances to vaccinations, to the super green pass) have allowed us to put the whole world of hospitality back on the streets: from nightclubs to hotels, from bars to pizzerias, we are in fact back to “almost” normalcy. However, victory over the virus has led to losses and casualties. We are not yet back to pre-pandemic work levelsbut we are getting closer (despite inflation pushing down consumption) and many places have never gone up again, but maybe it’s not a bad thing in balance. Oversupplement (often unqualified) we had in recent years.

The real problem that Covid is leaving us with (hope a fifth wave does not return from China in the fall) is, however. de Mangel u Personal. The whole world of tourism is in crisis. There is no shortage of cellars or cooks, no rescuers or guides.

Lack of staff: Causes and consequences

The reasons for these staff disappearances are many and not strictly related, though the crisis in the sector arose at the same time. It ranges from poor education to dissatisfaction with hard and sometimes poorly paid work, from the “competition” of nationality income (what makes one stay at home) related to unpaid internships / illegal work / lack of experience.

The result is that tourism companies, which have suffered more than any other sector during the pandemic, may not be able to completely differentiate the desire to restart Italians and foreigners returning to Italy in the first place of Desire to set. Easter sold out on April 25th in Venice, as in many sea or mountain places, these are more than positive signs, as well as initiatives of the Ministry of International Entry to promote more efficiently (not of Russian contempt). The fear of restaurateurs and hoteliers, however, is that of are not able to answer a question that today more than ever wants services and security that staff requirepossibly qualified, and do not do it yourself at the last minute.

How to overcome the emergency

Bring the youngster back to appreciate a job that consists mainly of personal relationships, it will not be easy in the short term. Have to to create school education (on which Italia and Tavola called for radical reforms that would lead from hotel schools also to reception faculties) to have results in 4-5 years. At the moment, however, the emergency must be overcome some clear and transparent interventions to try to get about 250,000 people back to work in the dining room or behind a counter.

There are those who propose to use Ukrainian refugees, but about the language problem, the theme of experience remains. And there are those who propose with common sense to intervene in the cost of labor to guarantee higher wages. And in this case, the road could be that of the Cancellation of social security contributions (transfer them to the state) at least for the transition period and back to work more profitably in catering companies. A path that requires a clear political choice, but which must also be accompanied by very strict controls and sanctions (up to the permanent closure of the premises), in order to expand the plague of too many companies in which illegal work and / or management . allows. part of the crime to launder dirty money.

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