Recruitment, Training and New Contests

The rules change again for Become a high school teacher. It is the Draghi government, with Patrizio Bianchi as Minister of Education, to review the system of Recruit teachers for the Middle school (High School) e at all (High school), introduce new rules on study, in which the achievement of 60 Training Credits (instead of 24) plus a final exam useful for obtaining theactivateas well as for i Contests.

A new reform, which will be useful according to the government’s intentions, to empty the pockets of insecurity in schools, easy access to the roll also for those who have already gained experience as a higher education teacher, for whom a transitional phase is envisaged in order to achieve stabilization in a short period of time.

Fir Become a high school teacherTherefore, two steps are required: on the one hand the qualification for the teaching staff and on the other hand the participation in a public competition, as provided, inter alia, for the generality of works in public administration. With this procedure, you become a permanent teacher, while still having the opportunity to learn as an alternative, by enrolling in the appropriate Ranking.

In the light of the latest news on the subject of teacher recruitment, let’s see what the useful steps are for becoming a teacher Middle school In the at all.

Become a tenured middle school teacher

The Council of Ministers has de Decree law on new recruitmentwith which further urgent measures for the implementation of the National Recovery and Resistance Plan are introduced.

As a result, the rules for secondary school teachers, both in the first and second year of school, are changing Curriculum. It remains the obligation of Specialist or Masterswith the title varies depending on what you Concours Klass Reference (which you can consult in the attached file).

Competition Classes (Presidential Decree n.19 of 14 February 2016)
Click here to consult the table that refers to the competition classes, with all the qualifications needed to learn a specific subject.

After or during graduation it is necessary to attend one Enabling training courses with which it will be necessary to achieve further 60 credits in anthro-psycho-pedagogical and digital disciplines. This path also includes a period of Stage, part of which is carried out directly in schools. At the end of the same, it will be necessary to show the skills that have been delivered in one final Test which contains a written plus one simulated lesson with which the aspiring teacher is assessed on the knowledge of the disciplinary content and for the teaching skills.

After the final examination, the graduate receives the learning qualification. This qualification allows you to participate in competitions announced by the Ministry of Education, valid for a fixed chair. In this sense, in the new recruitment program the ministry is obliged to ban a contest every yearto accelerate the entrance area and the role for those who want to learn.

Those who fall into the first useful positions of the ranking are therefore hired and indefinite timebut only after a successful completion of one annual trial periodin the end, it is determined whether the didactic competencies required for learning purposes have actually been acquired.

Becoming a Permanent Teacher: Further Rules for the Transition Phase

With the introduction of new recruitments, it is also envisaged Transition phase in which she will go stabilize the precarious who have at least three years of experience as alternatives. In detail, they get the opportunity to participate directly in the competition to become teachers, but with the obligation to get afterwards 30 Uni Credits and anthro-psycho-pedagogical and digital disciplines through the qualification test.

Another novelty of the transition period that is coming to an end December 31, 2024 in addition to further extensions, it is the one that gives the opportunity – even to those who do not have a three-year provisional post office – to immediately get the first 30 training credits and thus get to the first school competitions that are announced. ; if they are to succeed, they must then take the other 30 credits plus pass the qualifying test.

Become a substitute teacher in high school

But it is not just the role. Those who want to gain experience in high school and high school should actually be satisfied – at least in the beginning. make a replacement to fill a vacant seat for a certain period of time.

Meanwhile, it is important to emphasize that the substitutes are divided into:

  • annual: to cover the entire duration of the school year, ie until 31 August;
  • temporary: cover vacancies until the end of the learning activities, ie until 30 June;
  • short: with the deadline set on the last day of the current permanence of service needs.

Recruitment of substitute teachers is done by drawing from different rankings:

  • Ranking to exhaustion: where qualified teachers are enrolled. These are updated every three years as far as the qualifications and positions of the members are concerned, but new registrations are not allowed (closed since 2008). These rankings, as the name implies, are therefore destined to expire;
  • Provincial Ranking: valid for two years, they are divided into two membership bands. In the first volume, there are qualified and specialized teachers for the support rankings, while in the second, there are those who do not fall into the former category. To enroll in the procedures for you in this ranking, you can consult Article 3 of the specific ordinance of the Ministry of Education, which you will find below;
Ministerial order on the operation of the provincial rankings
Click here for all instructions.
  • School Rankingto which the aspirant teacher can register at the same time as the application for inclusion in the above-mentioned provincial classifications, during which time up to 20 school institutes (provided they are in the same province) indicate where he is interested in teaching.

To be the substitutes, the manager of the local school administration is in the area when the substitutes are selected by pulling them from the rankings to exhaustion or from the provincial rankings. However, it is up to the teacher, on the other hand, to select alternative drawings from the school rankings, while still being free.

But that is not all, because once the school rankings have been drawn up, school administrators will have an additional tool at their disposal to call on the teachers needed to fill the last vacant professorships. In detail, those who have made a request to make it available may call upon the model – to be delivered directly to the school – with which exactly those who wish to teach as teachers are available to the particular institution .

It is possible to make some requests for availability, but not in the schools where one is enrolled in the school rankings, nor in those of the province in which one is enrolled in the relative provincial rankings. To be made available by appointment, the school principal must be present Priority for qualified teachers.

Of course, even for emerging teachers, it is necessary to have the qualification useful to enroll in a competition class.

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