Recruitment reform, trade union mobilization: “Always and only by decree, the school community does not deserve this. Part of the state of excitement”

The official trade union mobilization comes with the unit communiqué issued by Flc Cgil, Cisl Scuola, Uil Scuola, Snals Confsal and guilds of teachers.

Here is the unit text with the reasons

With the publication of the decree on schools in the state newspaper on May 1, the government intervenes strongly in many aspects of school life, which return as an authentic resource for the country and provide a ground for spending and political-ideological conflicts. The multi-annual economic planning documents do not provide for investment, but cuts that the system has undertaken on time for decades.

Again, issues of great importance to the school system are decided by unilateral actions, including with a decree law, to avoid any confrontation with the school world. The awareness that participation in change contributes to the processes of innovation by increasing its quality and value is evidently lacking in government and “politics” at this stage. And this after two years of pandemic, in which the school was completely reinvented, and with a war that included the need to welcome refugees from Ukraine (over 30,000 arrived and were welcomed, even unaccompanied minors).

The school proves to be one of the most effective instruments of integration, through acts of concrete and supportive acceptance, with a view to a true culture of peace. For this reason alone he deserved another treatment, characterized by attention and commitment; similarly, the trade unions, in which the staff a few days ago with a very large turnout in the vote for the renewal of the RSU had renewed their confidence, deservedly, at one time legitimized their representative role.

Instead, just a few days after the vote for the renewal of the RSU, where one million workers gave the unions their trust, it was decided to proceed by decree on such important issues.

For this reason, the school unions together decided a large mobilization, starting with the workers, to involve the whole educational community, which reduces autonomy, including constitutional relevance, such as freedom of learning, which risks being exposed to unacceptable conditions.

All this in the presence of a long-standing and unresolved salary problem affecting all school staff. The government subtracts the additional resources included in the budget law for the renewal of the contract, allocates it to incentivized training methods, which are decided unilaterally, with a clear reduction of those who are determined to re-evaluate everyone’s salaries as a whole. and with the mortgage depletion of the workforce in the coming years. In order to recover the resources for a selective remuneration policy, the use of the resources currently used for the learning card is also assumed, above all negotiation comparisons.

Meanwhile, the issue of insecurity is not addressed, on the contrary the described recruitment system, further burdened in time and demands, seems extremely punitive and unable to solve the plague of precarious work.

A normal and legitimate transition phase is not provided for initial training and yes takes into account the need to provide stabilization opportunities for precarious staff for whom no specific path to the role is envisaged.

For all these reasons, the FLC CGIL, CISL SCUOLA, UIL SCUOLA RUA, SNALS and GILDA have agreed to organize a strong mobilization, starting with an impressively broad information campaign aimed not only at school staff but also at d. ‘Civil society, to families and for Citizens who should be directly underlined as these measures do not recognize the necessary centrality in education and training policy with choices that truly strengthen the role of the country’s public and democratic school to ensure the full exercise of the right. to learn.

With you Mobilization process of all FLC CGIL staff, CISL SCUOLA, UIL SCUOLA RUA, SNALS and GILDA want to emphasize the dissent against Legislative Decree 36, get radical changes and assert the evolution of all things that affect the working relationship in the Renewal of contract, for which they ask for the immediate start of negotiations. In this context, a comparison must also be made with the professional development paths for which the investment of additional and specific resources is in any case indispensable.

Therefore, reserving the right to evaluate the use of all the mobilization actions that become necessary, also in connection with the development of the confrontation that they want to ask and initiate with the government and the parliamentary political forces, they show a number of initiatives un:

  • Convocation of all RSUs elected in the last election for the day of Friday, May 6 at 3pm in livestream with the intervention of the 5 general secretaries of the category (initiative flyer will follow)
  • Convocation of the unit directors of the 5 unions, for the day of May 13 at 3 pm, always online
  • May 3rd Proclamation of the state of agitation by sending a claim platform on which to begin cooling procedures and contextual blocking of additional activities for all school staff
  • Meeting with all factions

During the above initiatives, further mobilization proposals will be evaluated to achieve the necessary results for all staff in the category.

Recruitment reform, high tension between whites and unions: We start with the mobilization but the strike is not out of the question

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