Recruitment reform funded by 10,000 less professors and reduced teaching card: Bianchi and Franco promise money from 2026

For Education Minister Patrizio Bianchi it was not a quiet 1st of May: the publication of Legislative Decree 36/22 in the Official Gazette on new recruitment and training angered the unions, which are investigating the financing of the operation significantly with the economy preserved. have got. from the same education sector. In addition to Reduction of the learning mapwhich, according to initial estimates of the current 500 Euros a year could go to 400 Euros, significant reductions are also planned in the legal staff (between 2026 and 2031 almost 10 thousand less).

Trade unions mobilized

It’s all to say that even you Cisl Schoulcriticized in the last period by the other unions because they are too pro-ministerial, she did not send to say: by decree Law 36, the organization led by Ivana Barbacci announced: “It is Herod’s Syndrome which, for the tenth time, guides the school policy of our country. ”


The Ministers concerned, of Economics and EducationThey wanted to make it clear that the reform of the recruitment and training of teachers could also apply to other economies.

Few resources? Debt the tight deadline

“With regard to the Incentive Fund under Art. 44 (Art.16 ter c.5) of Legislative Decree 36/2022, the Ministers of the Economy, Finance and Education read – read a note issued on the evening of 1 May is – inform that the resources in that entity are provided, in consideration of the urgency of incorporating the rules for education, as a goal of June for the Pnrr, in the legislative decree “.

Ministers Daniele Franco and Patrizio Bianchi also announce that thanks to “an amendment, already in the context of the conversion of the Legislative Decree, from 2026 “the government intends” to significantly increase the said fundit is understood that the economies arising from the effects of the birth rate will be reinvested in the education sector. “

But the def says otherwise

A statement, the latter referring to the decline in birth rates, which, however, stood with the estimates in the def, which was approved a few weeks ago by the government itself: The intention of the executive is, years, education spending in comparison to bring to GDP. the current 4% to 3.4%.

Nothing new though, because in the last 15 years in Italy the ministry that reported the most cost cuts was exactly that of education.

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