Recruitment reform, Democratic Party: “We want to guarantee adequate investment and salaries for schools at European level” [VIDEO]

The new recruitment and training reform is the title of the Democratic Party’s online meeting. Coordinated by Stefania Lio, Irene Manzi, the School Coordinator and Manuela Ghizzoni, Education, University and Research Coordinator, participated.

“To improve the quality of education through the training of teachers and to increase their professionalism. To this end, the Democratic Party the amendments we presented to the senate worked to make the determination one of the main objectives. Associations operating in the sector reviewed by Senate commissions “explain the two exponents.

“Our proposals should improve the text, guarantee a more adequate system of initial education and a motivated education, inspired by a spirit of greater cooperation with school autonomies and recognized for those who participate voluntarily. In our amendments – to the exponent – we have therefore provided for the abolition of the reductions in reinforced staff, the start of training during the Masters and no longer during the three-year period, a transitional phase for teachers who have 36 months of service and those of 24 Credits have, the change of the incentive training course, with a greater delay for collective bargaining and the provision of advance career steps for those who participate “.

“The Democratic Party is committed, in a constructive confrontation with the government and with the other forces of the majority, to guarantee the school adequate investment for the renewal of contracts and salaries at European level.”

The Democratic Party’s video footage, we read in a note, “Has the goal of putting school issues and problems back in the spotlight. The guests and the interventions were designed to reconstruct the substance of the reform, to offer a clear and direct reading into the heart of the issues, to bring out the commitment and vision of the Democratic Party on education issues, too often a Area of ​​demagogic, particularist, extemporaneous interventions “.

June 6, an in-depth study on recruitment and initiative training. Riccardo Scaglioni (ANFIS), Elena Fazi (UCIIM), Beppe Bagni (CIDI), educator Cristiano Corsini and MP Roberto Rampi will take part in the discussion. Moderated by David Lodesani.

On 13 June, focus on training encouraged with the interventions of Anna D’Auria (MCE), Giuseppe Desideri (AIMC), Stefano Stefanel (ANDIS), educator Elisabetta Nigris and Member of Parliament Rosa Maria Di Giorgi. Moderated by Dario D’Andrea.

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