Recruitment of GPS support first band, the application from 2 to 16 August. Who participates, for which positions, replacement and then role

Recruitment of GPS support First bracket: it is possible to submit the corresponding application from 2nd to 16th August at 14.00. This is the same application that applicants use to request substitutes from August 31 or June 30, 2023: in the case of non-appointment by substitutes in fact, on support directed to the role, it will be possible to fully and Substitutes to attend.

Application submission

This is the extraordinary phase of the entries in the roll 2022/23 according to article 5-ter of the Legislative Decree no. 228/2021, converted into law no. 15/2022.

From August 2, 9 a.m. to August 16, 2 p.m.

Who can participate

Primary and secondary childhood aspirants

  • Precarious, correctly incorporated in the GPS Support first band of the province elected last May 31st
  • Teachers who have already received a permanent appointment for the school year 2022/23. Of course, accepting the support of the first GPS bracket will involve changing from a permanent employee to a replacement for the role, which can be converted into an open-ended assignment from 2023/24 after it passes the tests , which are scheduled during the trial year. and training. For some, the choice is determined by working directly in the desired province, without making the “joust” of mobility, which could force them to spend several years outside the province.
  • the teachers and the ATA already equipped, which makes use of art. 36 and 59 of the CCNL

By August 1, the school offices should publish the GPS so that you can check your position.

It will be possible to apply exclusively for the province GPS.

The procedure does not provide for appointments according to common place, for each school grade.

What is stated in the application

In the application, the aspirants declare:

  • to be registered in the first band of the provincial ranking for substitutes for support posts;
  • the types of posts for which they intend to participate in the procedure, who are entitled to do so;
  • the order of preference of educational institutions divided by type of place; it is possible to express the place preferences also by a precise indication of municipalities and districts (indicating the absence of places is equivalent to the waiver for the same places not expressed);
  • Consent to the processing of personal data.

The declarations are made in accordance with articles 46 and 47 of Presidential Decree 445/2000, with the consequent criminal liability in case of false declarations.

Exclusions and failure to evaluate the application

The following questions will not be considered and will not be evaluated:

  • who do not submit the above declarations;
  • presented in a way that differs from the telematic and / or after the deadline;
  • Applicants who do not meet the requirements.

Finally, the applicants whose false declarations were detected at the end of the application are excluded from the procedure.

setting of tasks

As soon as the requests are submitted, the tasks directed to the role will be assigned as part of the computerized procedure for substitutes (from 30/06 and 31/08), according to the following phases and criteria:

  • the USRs publish the available places. The places are those that remain after the completion of the ordinary phase and the quick call, after the places are reserved for the ordinary competitions no. 498 and 499/2020, if not yet completed.
  • the USR assigns candidates to individual schools through an automated procedure, based on the position in the ranking and the order of the types of places indicated in the preferences expressed;
  • in the case of indication of synthetic preferences (municipalities and districts), the preference order of the schools in the municipality and/or district is carried out on the basis of the increasing alphanumeric order of the mechanographic code.

As mentioned above, the system first processes the applications for the designation of support tasks to enter the role, and then those for the assignment of substitutes.

We specify that:

  • the designation of one of the places (schools) indicated in the application implies the acceptance of the same;
  • whoever receives the task that counts on the role cannot participate in the appointment of substitutes for any competition class or type of place;
  • Failure to submit the application will result in the waiver of participation in the procedure;
  • Failure to indicate certain locations is intended as a waiver for non-express locations;
  • Failure to complete the task for the types of posts and places requested will allow participation in the subsequent procedures for substitute players.

The result of the application at the end of August

At the end of August, the aspirant will know whether he has received the appointment of the “post temporaire pour d’roll” for the school year 2022/2023 or whether his name, if requested, will participate in the appointment of a temporary on August 31 . or June 30, 2023.

Training period and disciplinary test

During the fixation work, during the academic year 2022/23, the aspirants play the annual course of initial training and process referred to in Article 13 of the Legislative Decree n. 59/2017.

The trial period has passed Aspirants go to the Disciplinary evidence, which consists of an interview of suitability and focuses on the programs listed in point A.4 of Annex A to Ministerial Decree no. 325/2021 for kindergarten and primary school and referred to in point A.2.1 of Annex A to Ministerial Decree no. 326/2021 for the secondary school. The test is taken by applicants who receive a judgment of suitability (on the contrary, it is not done by those who receive a judgment of non-suitability).

The negative evaluation of the training and test path implies the repetition of the same, while the judgment of non-suitability in the disciplinary test implies the publication of the procedure. In the latter case, the transformation of the contract into an indefinite period is excluded and the service provided is assessed as a fixed-term assignment.

Recruitment in the role

The aspirants who pass the training and the probationary period and the disciplinary test are:

  • employed for an indefinite period, commencing September 1, 2022, or, if later, from the date of commencement of service;
  • confirmed in the role of the same educational institution where they served on a fixed basis.

Disciplinary test commissions

The commissions before which the candidates take the disciplinary test are chaired by a university professor or a technical manager or a school manager and consist of two teachers.

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