Recruitment Decree: Pay Incentives for Those Taking Training Courses; the valuation commission will decide

Legislative Decree 36 of 30 April systematically addresses the issue of in-service training for teachers, distinguishes between two different forms, the obligation within the framework of working time on the subject of digital skills and permanent three-year courses that are conducted on time additional and accessible on a voluntary basis.

For each training path, the decree provides for an evaluation system, which is activated by annual and final interim inspections by the evaluation commission, which must be integrated for this purpose with a technical manager or a school director from another school.
In order to express its opinion, the evaluation committee must also take into account the efficient didactic impact of the training activities and may also use targeted interviews with teachers that need to be evaluated.
Only 40% of employees who ask to be “evaluated” by the committee can come up with a specific salary incentive.
The additional hourly load and the criteria of the wage increase are left to the collective agreement, but the decree already clarifies that it is not possible to adopt forms of “rotation” and the attribution of the “bonus”.


A specific annex to the decree analytically indicates the topics that may be the subject of the training courses that offer 30 hours for the secondary and 15 for the primary and secondary school teachers:
1. in-depth study of the specific content of the learning discipline;
2. Planning-Participating tools and techniques in national and European tenders;
3. School Governance: Theory and Practice;
4. pedagogical guidance;
5. Personnel and system figures: technical-methodological, socio-relational, strategic training;
6. School inclusion in the class with disabled students;
7. Continuity in training and job orientation strategies;
8. Improving skills related to student evaluation;
9. Application profiles of the national evaluation system of educational institutions;
10. Techniques of digital teaching.

The decree distributes a special fund, which recognizes the incentive for teacher training: 20 million euros 2026, 85 million euros 2027, 160 million euros 2028, 236 million euros in 2029, 311 million euros in 2030 and 387 million euros by the year 2031.
The resources are found through the savings provided by the reduction in the number of staff by the birth rate (9,600 fewer places from the school year 2026/27).

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