Recruitment and Training Reform, Trade Unions: Zero salary increases, they forget the historically precarious workers and cut 10 thousand stills to train a few more teachers. STRIKE May 30th

Rejection without appeal, issued by the school unions to the decree for the reform of the recruitment and training of teachers, so much so that after the conciliation attempt on 30 May a strike is declared. There are many reasons for criticism concerning the pay, training and recruitment of teachers, as well as contractual issues.

What’s the matter

At the heart of the conflict is Decree no. 46 published in the Official Gazette and contains the important news about the training of teachers and their recruitment.

The decree sees one new way to become teachers which starts from the university with an activating path (corresponding to at least 60 training credits), passes through a national public competition and a test period with final assessment. Finally, compulsory participation in a three-year training course. For those who have already taught, on the other hand, the opportunity (after earning 30 university credits) to complete the competition in the trial year. Details here

As for you Teacher training Courses with voluntary participation by teachers lasting three years are established, at the end of which the assessed teaching staff can be rewarded with a one-off tax. Not all participating teachers are awarded, but only 40%. The amount of the prizes will be increased by the ministry by cutting off about 9,600 empowerment stills. Here are the details

Skin up TV School Horizon we listened to the secretaries of the unions who today are trying to reach a conciliation with the government. After the stalemate, they declared a strike for May 30 for the school sector.

Here is the criticism that the unions have directed at the reform decree


The minister said today that 110 thousand temporary workers have been hired, according to CISL secretary Barbacci.what has been declared does not correspond to reality. There are recruitment interventions that are not sufficient to meet the needs. There are 250,000 temporary workers who have the right to a reserved route and a possible route provided for those who have reached 36 months. And that is not written in the Reform Decree. It was a unique opportunity provided by PNRR with resources to improve staff. To train teachers, reinforcement is cut off, which is not a gift, it is a necessary staff.


For Alessandro Rapezzi, the problem goes back in time. “The pact on education set a precise path, but the government did not implement it. During the pandemic, we asked for precise interventions that were born before. In the meantime, we had agreed on a number of interventions with the government, starting with salaries. “”The reform decree escapes confrontation with the unions with an emergency decree, including an unelected government


For users requesting more incisive actions, the UIL Secretary replies that “the attack is from politics in schools and unions, we need a coherent protest action to hear our voice. In recent years, a narrative has been implemented that strikes the unions and that means the strike does not serve in the unions alone. It is not so. We go to schools to explain the logic of the measure, which is just a tactic to eliminate a piece of our country. It is the second phase of the Renzi reform. The strike will be the beginning, not the end of the protests. We ask the policy to change the decree.


Marcello Pacifico explains in detail why the Minister’s words about recruitment do not correspond to the truth. “To say that 110 thousand teachers were hired (figure to verify) when 250 thousand employers were authorized (less than half of those authorized) is as if I said I had the authority to hire 3 people and instead hire 1 , I would miss you. Apparently, they handled the competitions badly.“On recruitment reform, think about it”5 exams have to be done, learning is discouraged. Not many exams at NASA. This is a reform in the blood of the school, which, in order to train 10% more teachers, cut booths and teacher papers

At the Protest, “with the strike of May 6th we tried to make it clear that the decree is wrong and we are ready to continue the protest. We too will take part in the strike that is being called today because the school needs to change.


SNALS Secretary Serafini has no doubt the “The minister is on the moon. He has no knowledge, he makes a kind of goosebumps game to become a teacher. It has made life difficult for aspiring teachers. We did not expect this. He forgot a significant number of precarious workers and complicated their path


The Gilda coordinator, Rino Di Meglio, points the finger at renewing the contract, “The state awakens and makes new rules that bind us to new commitments, which does not happen in the private sector either, and always without additional resources. We are appalled by the fact that Minister Bianchi has not been able to tell the unions about the content of the law decree. As additional resources, I only read 49 million from the PNRR, the rest of the resources come from cuts and cuts in school.

The strike demands in the communiqué of the unions Cisl, Flc Cgil, Uil, Snals and Gilda

  1. The removal of the decree of any thing of a contractual nature;
  2. The immediate start of negotiations for the renewal of the contract, which expired for three years, has already begun a new three-year contract;
  3. Implementing resources to equalize the salaries of school staff with other civil servants with equal qualifications and educational qualifications and to achieve the progressive approach to the remuneration of European colleagues;
  4. Implementation of resources for reviewing and adapting Ata profiles;
  5. The elimination of excesses of bureaucracy in the work of teachers;
  6. The return of the education of all school staff to the area of ​​competence of school autonomy and teaching staff;
  7. Revision of the current parameters for staffing and schools to provide teaching, education and ATA staff;
  8. Reducing the number of students per class;
  9. The conclusion of the size of educational institutes within the limit of nine hundred pupils per school;
  10. specific methods of recruitment and stabilization to historically consolidated positions in the de facto staff, overcoming existing precariousness from precarious workers with 3 or more years of service;
  11. simplifies procedures, for those with substantial work experience, access to role and qualification paths;
  12. the provision of an exceptional staff of school staff to manage emergencies associated with the persistence of the pandemic and the reception of students from war zones for the school year 2022-23.
  13. the resumption of utility in 2013;
  14. guaranteeing the presence of a Technical Assistant in each school of the first cycle;
  15. discipline in the renewal by the CCNL of the criteria for mobility with the elimination of the constraints provided for by law;
  16. the increase in the number of school collaborators of 2,288 units following the ministerial commitment;
  17. the opening of the competition is reserved for administrative assistants acting as DSGA with three years of service in the function, even if they have no specific qualification (in the new as2022 / 23 30% of the posts will be vacant);
  18. the issuance of the competition notice for DSGA;
  19. simplifying the administrative procedures for exempting the secretariats from unfair tasks (pensions, career reconstruction, school rankings) which would re-internalize the school administration;
  20. the revision of the regulation on ATA substitutes;
  21. recognition of the state of implementation of economic positions

School strike May 30, Bianchi: “I respect the decision, but only government investment, no cut”

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