Ranking to exhaustion 2022/25, how much is a second qualification worth

In bracket III and in the additional bracket from classification to exhaustion (GaE), how much is an additional qualification worth, in addition to that assessed for access?

Ranking until Exhaustion 2022/25

The ranking is updated from 21 March to 4 April 2022 and is valid for the three year periods 2022/23, 2023/24 and 2024/25. GAE and GI Update, Applications from March 21st to April 4th via Online Instances (SPID required)

Here you will find information about the presentation of the application, about the possible operations for the already introduced teachers and about the conditions for obtaining the qualifications and services that can be assessed.

Titles score table and limit

The evaluation table of the qualifications in the GaE of the III bracket and additional bracket is the one that constitutes Annex 2 to the updating of the Ministerial Decree.

The above table sets a limit on the qualification score, specifically on “Other securities” (in addition to access and service) a maximum of 30 points can be awarded.

Other qualification

The “Other qualifications” include the possession of another qualification or the characteristics of the teaching staff in addition to the qualification assessed for entry.

So we read in section C, point C.2), of the above rating table:

For each qualification or teaching qualification held, in addition to the qualification which is assessed as an access qualification according to point A1) and, in relation to the completion in primary school sciences, as an alternative to the provisions of point C.9), points 3.

Who belongson, another qualificationin addition to that assessed for access, will have awarded a score equal to 3 points. This score, in the case of possession of a diploma in SFP, is provided as an alternative to that in point C.9:

  • For the primary school degree, specialization for preschool:
    limited to ranking in relation to access to the roles of teachers of the playschool are assigned Points 6
  • For the degree in primary school, primary school address:
    limited to the ranking regarding access to the roles of primary school teachers and education staff Points 6
  • the attribution of the above score is possible only if the degree was not used as a qualification for the entry.

In one case (point C.2) and in the other case (point C.9), in order to give the objectives of the score, the degree in SFP may not be assessed as an entry qualification.

We specify that:

  • in the case of qualifications for disciplinary areas or similar classes, with a single examination, the score for a single qualification is assigned;
  • in case one of the qualifications included in a disciplinary field (qualifications obtained, as mentioned above, with a single examination), was used as an entrance ticket, no score will be awarded;
  • the qualifications and qualifications for nursery school, primary school and for educational institutions are not assessed in the secondary classification (therefore they are only assessed in the EAGs for childhood, primary and educational institutions);
  • the qualifications and the qualifications for the secondary are not assessed in the classification of the playschool, the primary school and the educational institutes (therefore they are only assessed in the secondary EAGs);
  • the inclusion in the merit ranking of the competitions based on qualifications and examinations, as per DDG 82/2012, DDG 105/2016, DDG 106/2016 and DDG 107/2016, cannot be assessed as qualification. These competitions, on the other hand, can be judged as “the competition packed” in relation to point C2) of the evaluation table of the 1st and 2nd bracket qualifications (Annex 1). This was said because the above competitions were intended for already qualified teachers and did not allow qualification.

Presentation of the application, possible operations for already introduced teachers and terms for qualifications and services that can be evaluated

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