Race against hunger, Marta Putzulu: “We educate young people in empathy, very rarely in today’s world” | News

Domusnovas’ comprehensive institute “F. Meloni” contributes to the solidarity and sports initiative to eliminate world hunger

Alessandra Leo

Beyond that 1200 Schools, of all types and levels, united for the the poorest communities in the world affected by hunger and child malnutrition: Empathy, yesClassroom awareness, youth mobilization and outdoor sports activities the password of this wonderful initiative, promoted annually inside Italian schools Action against hunger and sponsored by CONI.

To the the largest sports and solidarity education project in the world over 1200 hold uechter Italy Primary and secondary schools of primary and secondary education, together with nine hundred coordinating teachers, will participate in this event of awareness and sport that, from his Originhas involved more than seven million students from over 28,000 schools worldwide.

A real movement of student “runners”. In Italy, there will be 120,000 students this year, from over 450 comprehensive institutes, who will be giving life to a major solidarity course in 82 Italian cities in the coming weeks.

L ‘Organization has launched a didactic way to raise awareness in the classroom or in the DAD: more than 4,300 hours of meetings were held by Action Against Hunger experts, with the aim of illustrating to children the structural causes and consequences of hunger, a plague social contemporary 811 million people worldwide are affected. Every school has then was able to digest the subject through the over 70 hours of didactic activities provided in the didactic kit of the Civic Education provided by the organization.

After this initial phase of training, the students are ready to mobilize to become an active part of the project: through the “Solidarity Pass” and the video materials, they jointhey were Family, neighbors and friends about the problems. For the Si important po awareness worktranno receive a pledge of donation for each track of the course carried out during the last days of the project, promoted by each individual school.

In the’Comprehensive Institute “F. Melonen” by Domusnovas, the event is held over two days: mTuesday 10 mExcursion to the school complexes of the communes of Villamassargia and the museums departing, at 8.45 am, from the Cortili delle Scuole; In the gThursday 12 mExcursion to the school complex of the municipality Domusnovas with departure, at 8.45 am, from the courtyards of the primary schools in Via Monti and Via Cagliari and arrival in Scarzella Park in the second part of the morning.

“With this project, thanks to the commitment of thousands of students and teachers – he said Simone Garroni, CEO of Action Against Hunger – let us shed light on the food crisis, which is affecting the most vulnerable communities in the world, which, in addition to the current health crisis, are often plagued by wars, poverty and the effects of climate change. Among the students and teachers we find our main “allies”, who show that the school, with the participation of all its actors, finds synergies that are useful to really contribute to the creation of a better world and above all free of hunger “.

Action Against Hunger is a leading international humanitarian organization in the fight against the causes and consequences of hunger, since, in about 50 countries, for 40 years saves the lives of malnourished children, provides drinking water, food, medical care to families and education that enables entire communities to live free from hunger.

The teacher Marta Putzulu had claimed: “The fight against hunger is not just a profitable fundraiser for Madagascar, but a small gesture of solidarity among our active citizens, through issues related to civic education, cled by the external experts of Action Against Hunger, they are trained to be sensitive towards each other, on thatEmpathy what is often lacking in today’s world, but what helps to grow and grow, especially in gestures as well as in words “.

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